Title: Loompanics Unlimited 1995 Catalog
Subtitle: Winter Supplement
Date: 1995
Notes: Includes many scanning errors that could do with correcting.


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      The Politics of Consciousness

      The Small Commercial Garden

      The Rummager’s Handbook

      We Are All Self-employed

      The Off-the-beaten-path Job Book

      How to Create Love in Your Life

      The Lovers’ Guide to Better Orgasms (Vhs Video)

      Your Money or Your Life

      Advanced Sexual Techniques (Vhs Video)

      Killing Time

      Censored 1995

      World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts

      Utopias on Puget Sound 1885-1915

      bolo’ bolo

      How to Locate Anyone Who is or Has Been in the Military

      Smokeless Marijuana


        Marijuana Capsules

        The Theory

        The Method

        Using The Capsules

        An Alternative Method

        Marijuana Wine

        The Theory

        The Method

        Bottling and Aging

        Alternative Procedures

        Effects on The Body

        Drinking and Enjoying

        Marijuana Champagne

        Marijuana Beer

        Marijuana Lhueur and Brandy

      How to Find Your Ideal Country Home

      Shocked and Amazed!

      State Public Records

      Survival Shelters Construction Manual

      Beat the Border

      Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance

      Dim Mak S 12 Most Deadly Katas

      Brutarian #14 & #15

      The Imaginary Indian

      America's Lowest Cost Colleges

      Car Bomb Recognition Guide

    Recent & Bestselling Titles

      Self-Sufficiency Gardening

      Travel-trailer Homesteading Under $5,000

      The Gas

      Stoned Free

      The Rape of the American Constitution


      The Hitchhiker's Handbook

      Asshole No More

      Practical Lsd Manufacture

      The South Was Right!

      Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

      You Are Going to Prison

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Welcome to the 1995 Winter Supplement to the Loompanics Unlimited Book Catalog— The Best Book Catalog tn The World. We have more than two dozen new titles this time, so let's take a look.,.

We are very proud to offer our readers one of the most radical and intelligent books we havo ever published: Stove Kubby's The Politice Of Consciousness. This book gets into what freedom Is really all about — your right to choose your own state of mind. As usual, we have some fine offerings on money-making: The Small Commercial Garden, The Rummager’s Handbook, The Off-The-Beaten-Path Job Book, We Are AH Self-Employed, and Your Money Or Your Life. Sex and love are interests of ours, and this time we have How To Create Love In Your Life, and two sexually explicit videos: The Lovers' Guide To Better Orgasms, and Advanced Sexual Techniques. Also of Interest is The World Guide To Nude Beaches And Resorts.

Killing Time is the fascinating autobiography of one of the most original thinkers of our time: Paul Feyerabend. Censored 19951$ a guide to the news that didn’t make the news. How To Locate Anyone Who is Or Has Been In The Military tells you how to do exactly that. Utopias On Puget Sound 18B5-1915 Is intriguing history, and bolo'bolols a blueprint for a modern day utopia. How To Find Your Ideal Country Home will help you get out of the city, and Survival Shelters Construction Manual r\<5\ only shows you how to construct survival shelters, but how to keep them secret from the government and nosy neighbors.

Beat The Border is a guide to the U.S. border written by a long-time border agent. Home Workshop Guns For Defense And Resistance: Volume One: The Submachine Gun is another in Bill Holmes’ line series on making your own firearms.

Dlm-Mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas is another volume on death-point striking, and Car Bomb Recognition Guide tells you more than you wanted to know about car bombs. State Public Records is an excellent guide for investigators.

Shocked And Amazed! is the first issue ol a shocking and amazing zine on carnival and freak culture, and Brutar/an #14 & #15 are the latest issues of Dom Salami's fine zine. America's Lowest Cost Colleges will be valuable to anyone interested in higher education. And The Imaginary Indian reveals where we get our ideas on what Indians are all about. And be sure not to miss the special feature article, “Smokeless Marijuana," starting on page 8.

All In all, we feel this is an excellent assortment of exactly whal you have come to expect from us: the very finest in controversial and unusual books. Our next Supplement is scheduled for November. As usual, if you order from this one, you will receive the next one automatically. So happy book hunting and good reading!

— Michael Hoy, Pres.

Loompanics Unlimited is a division or Loompanics Enterprises. Inc.

Index to New Titles

Advanced Sexual Techniques (VHS Video}

America's Lowest Cost Colleges

Beat The Border

bolo' bolo

Bailarían #14 A #15

Car Bomb Recognition Guide

Censored 1995

Dim Mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas

Home Workshop Guns For Defense And Resistance: Volume One: The Submachine Gun

How To Create Love In Your Life

How To Find Your Ideal Country Home

How To Locate Anyone Who Is Or Has Been In The Military

Imaginary Indian, The

Killing Time

Lover's Guide To Better Orgasms, The (VHS Video)

Qff-The-Beaien-Palb Job Book, The

Politics Of Consciousness, The

Rummagor’s Handbook. The

Shocked And Amazed!

Small Commercial Garden

State Public Records

Survival Shelters Construction Manual

Utopias On Puget Sound 1685-1915

We Are All Self-Employed

World Guide To Nude Beaches And Resorts, The

Your Money Or Your Life

No Longer Available

(Italics indicates new changes since last supplement.)


Betrayal Of Trust

Black Markets Around The World

Capitalism For Kids

Criminal Use Of False Identification

Exotic Weapons

Gestalt Self-Therapy

Getting Started In The Illicit Drug Business

Handful Of Zen

Henley’s Formulas For Home And Workshop

How To Produce A Small Newspaper

Human Sacrifice

Human Oddities

I Cried, You Didn't Listen

Law Unto Itself

Life After The City


People Without Government

Peyote Cult

Printing it

Semlotext(e) USA

Shock Value

Status For Sale

Sweet Revenge

Tools For Conviviality

When You're Up To Your Ass In Alligators

World Power Foundation

You Can Go Bankrupt Without Going Broke

You Can't Win


Price Increases

(Title followed by now price. Italics indicates now changes since last supplement)

Assholes Forever, $! 1.95

Asshole No More, $11.95

Atlas Shrugged. $7.99

Beyond Nakedness, $16.95

Black Book, Vol. 1. $14.95

Black Book, Vol. 2. $14.95

Black Book, Vol. 3, $23 95

Brain Boosters, $14.95

California's Utopian Colonies, $13.95

Camouflage. $12.95

Cheap Shots, Ambushes. And Other Lessons. $17.00

Combination Lock Principles. $8.95

Complete Book Of Cordwood Masonry, $17.95

Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution, $26.95

Cosmic Trigger, Vol. 2, $14.95

Criminal Records Book. $21.95

Disguise Techniques, $10.00

End of Economic Man, $11.95

Food Of The Gods. $14.95

Great Mambo Chicken & The Transhuman Condition, $12.50

Growing Up Without Shame, $21.95

Gunrunning For Fun And Profit, $20.00

How To Build A Low-Cost House Of Stone, $11.95

How To Open Handculfa Without Keys, $9.95

It Did Happen Here, $15.95

Keys To Understanding Tubular Locks, $9.95

Lead Poisoning. $24.95

Make Money Reading Books, $15.00

Mexican Pet. $9.95

Natural Mind, $10.95

Nudist Magazines Of The 50s A 60s, $24.95

Pool Cues, Beer Bottles, And Baseball Bats, $15.00

Poor Man's James Bond, Volume 1, $24.95

Poor Man‘s James Bond Volume 2, $24.95

Presentation Of Sall In Everyday Life, $10.00

Psilocybin, $16.95

Running A One Person Business, $14.00

Self-Aware Universe, $13.95

The Shameless Nude, $29.95

SpyGame, $40.00

Sun Tzu's Art ot War. $11.95

Survival Retreat, $10.00

Underground Lawyer, $29.95

Worms Eat My Garbage. $9.95


The Politics of Consciousness

A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

by Steve Kubby

Steve Kubby says:

The War on Drugs is in reality a War on Freedom. It Is a war that brings misery to millions ol Americans — far out of proportion to any real throat from the drugs themselves. Through the misguided efforts lo stem the rising Iide of drug use, our government has created a lucrative industry for gangsters and violent criminals while generating Iho wider use ol harder, ever more addictive and violent drugs. Under the banner of the War on Drugs, wo have subsidized criminal activities and created a new police state, with more people behind bars than any other country in the world. Over 400.000 people are arrested each year tot marijuana possession. Right now, at least 600,000 of our fellow citizens are rotting in American jails for acts that would nover havo been considered crimes unlit sixty years ago. H Is to these American POWs, these prisoners of the War on Freedom, that (his book is dedicated.

“We claim to be a diverse, pluralistic, multicultural society, and yet we have ‘Zero Tolerance' for personal consumption of natural, psychoactive plants and fungi. We hold ourselves lo be the showcase of freedom for all the world, and yet wo have more of our citizons behind bars than any other country on Earth. Our politicians would havo you bolleve that we are a sick society that broods dangerous criminals, when Iho truth is Ihose cowardly career polilicians havo criminalized more activities than any other society. Il's a nasty web of suspicion, paranoia, and forfeiture inlondod lo distract the public from the gross incompetence of politicians who have bankrupted our economy, destroyed many of our civil liberties, and created a reign of terror.

'Yes, drugs can be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as armed government agents who trash the Bill ol Rights, kick down doors, seize private property and drag otherwise honest and decent citizens off to jail. Our Founding Fathers would never havo allowed this War on Freedom and neither should we. It’s time for us lo stop playing on people's fears and come up with a saner policy on drugs. It's time to end Iho madness and tree our American prisoners of war.

"Drugs are dangerous, but Ihose who tell you that drugs are Public Enemy Number One are creating a smoke screen to hide the real Issues. This country is in serious trouble. The government that is now in power is in open violation of the Constitution, Police and government agents have suspended the Bill of Rights and now seize a billion dollars a year from helpless citizens. Americans, even those who do not use drugs, now live In fear of secret police from the IRS, FDA, DEA, FBI. CIA and ATF who can lako away everyth Ing you own and not even charge you with a crime. DARE agents are paid $90,000 a year to urge school children to turn in their parents, friends and family members who may be smoking pot at home."


Book): Politics: Our External Freedom

Tho War on Freedom
Zero Tolerance
Don’t Tread On Mel
We, The People
Voodoo Economics
Free Markets
Liberty Or Deathl
Criminalizing Nature
Tho Evil Empire
The Altered States of America
The Tactical Use of LSD 25
The Undiscovered Country
Inhale To The Chiefl
Log On. Tune In, Take Over

Booh II: Consciousness: Our Internal Freedom

Western Civilization Is The Disease
Rights of Passage
Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
Higher Consciousness
Molecular Theology
Manna From Heaven
In Jesus' Name, We Prey
Visionary Healing
Coming Of Age
Downloading The Cosmic Design

Appendix 1: Young People 8 Marijuana
Appendix 2: Citizen's Advisory Statement To Police Officer
Appendix 3: The BUI Of Rights
Appendix 4: Notes

Appendix S: "You Don’t Have to do Drugs to do Time "

Here Is what has already been said about Steve Kubby's The Politics of Consciousness:

"...brings the issue of drugs and freedom out of the closet and places it where it needs lo be, right In the middle of the turn of the millennium agenda of the American society, if the pursuit of happiness, enshrined in our nation’s founding documents, means anything, il means the right to explore one‘s own mind using traditional substances and approaches. The Politics Of Consciousness is long overdue and well done. ’— Terence McKenna, author of Food Of The Gods

"Explains in simple and compelling terms why we must end the insane War On Drugs,'—Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.

"The Politics of Consciousness is a rallying cry to launch a patriotic campaign of national liberation and recapture our freedom of thought. Profound in its Implications."—Chris Conrad, author of Hemp: Lifeline To The Future

Loompanics Unlimited is very proud to oiler our readers Steve Kubby's The Politics Of Consciousness — a homemade “Patriot" missile that strikes a winning blow for life, liberty, and the pursuit of inner happiness. It is fiercely patriotic and It’s like nothing you have read before.

1995, 8x11, ISOpp, Illustrated, softcover.

The Small Commercial Garden

How to Make $10,000 a Year in Your Backyard

by Dan Haakenson

The Small Commercial Garden is a unique book about gardening, written by a commercial gardener. It contains not only many success stories, but also the mistakes made along the way. You will leam the commercial secrets that will Improve your garden production. Then, if you decide to become a commercial gardener, the book explains how to get started, and how to become profitable.

In the pages of this book you will leam: The four myths that keep many hobby gardeners from selling their produce • The five principles of gardening that will assure your success • How to profitably market your produce • How Io avoid mistakes in designing your commercial garden • How to fine lune your production with a simple greenhouse • And much, much more. The author believes there are many home gardeners who would like to become commercially profitable, but have not had the information that would convince them it is possible. He wrote this book because he believes a small commercial hobby gardener can become profitable, and still thoroughly enjoy the work of gardening and selling.

1995, x 11, 206pp, Illustrated, Indexed, softcover.

The Rummager’s Handbook

Finding, Buying, Cleaning, Fixing, Using and Selling Secondhand Treasures

by R.S. McClurg

Collecting and selling second-hand merchandise is an entertaining, produclivo, and money-making activity for thousands of people. With The Rummager’s Handbook as your guide, you'll leam from an experienced rummager the techniques and knowledge needed lo successfully buy, sell, coll oct, and recycle secondhand goods found at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Leam how to: • Bargain easily, effectively, and politely with various types of sellers • Evaluate the ago and worth of everything from collectible glassware and china to dolls, toys, furniture, electrical appliances, and more • Clean and restore a wide range of goods and surfaces safely and economically « Store, display, and give new life to used goods In Imaginative ways • Keep track of your treasure-hunt buying and selling with a few clever inventory and record-keeping techniques • Hold a profitable garago or yard sale wlih some simple planning, pricing and displaying tips • And much more.

Whether you're a treasure hunter or interested In selling Iho treasures that you already own. 77» Rummager's Handbook is a storehouse of practical tips and imaginative ideas tor collecting and recycling hundreds of common objects.

1995, 6x9, 160pp, Illustrated, Indexed, softcover.

We Are All Self-employed

The New Social Contract for Working in A Changed World

by Cliff Hakim

With the advent of the global marketplace, job security — the golden yoke of dependence that once tethered employees to their jobs — has ceased to exist. Today, each oi us must take full responsibility lor our career mobility and job productivity. We Are AHSelf-Employed^tn^orXs six powerful beliefs which make up a “working creed* and form an essential guide tor adopting the new social contract. If you can reconcile your dreams with the skills you possess and the demands of the marketplace, you will be free lo be your authentic self while making a worthwhile contribution to your organization, and the broader marketplace.

Adopting Hakim's “self-employed* attitude will prepare you for the inevitable changes that come with lime, and help you create a new definition of success rooted in your own interests, skills, values, and desires. Independent in spiril, you are working with the organization, offering your expertise while collaborating with others. Drawing on the experiences of people in large corporations, small businesses, education, government, and non-profit institutions, this book provides numerous examples of people who are living a “self-employed” attitude.

We Are AU Setf-Employedvt\\\ help you move from merely surviving on a job to engaging your creativity — embedded in the responsibility symbolized by sell-employment — and successfully employing yourself In a way that draws on your talents, Interests, and deepest values.

1994, 6x9, 246pp. Indexed, hardcover.

"Marxists think we should be bossed by bureaucrats. Libertarians think we should be bossed by businessmen. Feminists don’t care which form bossing takes so long as tlte bosses are women."

— Bob Black, The Abolition Of Work

The Off-the-beaten-path Job Book

You CAN Make a Living AND Have a Life!

by Sandra Gurvts

This book shows how you can work for yourself, enjoy it, and find fulfillment. It provides a road map to unusual and enjoyable work and where to find It. Featuring such varied jobs as tattoo artist, cookie maker, product tester, martial arts teacher, rafting teacher/guide, bail bonds person, funeral director, ornithologist, and cowboy/cowgirl, the book is organized by areas of interest: health care professions, food service, the great outdoors, among many others. Because 77» Off-The-Beaten-Path Job Book emphasizes mostly unusual jobs, the information is conveyed in a light-hearted yet informative manner,

The Otf-The-Beaten-Path Job Book\s also a book tor Iho nineties. Gone are the days when one devoted thirty years lo a single company. According to buslnoss-trend watchers, an American joining the workforce today will likely work in more than ten different jobs with at least five different employers over the course of a career. The author helps to remind us that work can be both fun and rewarding, and her book counts Iho many ways.

1995, 5M X 8H, 302pp, soft cover.

How to Create Love in Your Life

A Guided Introduction to A Wonderful New You and The Lover You’ve Been Walting For

by Richard and Janet Reed

How To Create Love In Your Life is unlike any other ol the ‘Finding A Lover" types of literature. It offers a unique step-by-step process for the reader to transform himself or herself while finding that once-ln-a-lifetlme love relationship. This book is based on a dynamic combination of revolutionary human potential concepts and the most ancient teachings of love as a state of mind, a way of seeing, a perspective of yourself and your relationship to others.

Easy to understand and easy to accomplish, How To Create Love tn Your Life reveals a historically proven yet wonderfully new secret of love: the way to find the right person Is to become the right person... that within yourself is hidden a love magnet more powerful than even the greatest beauty and riches.

Others have found love and happiness using the unique love secrets revealed by authors Richard and Janet Rood. Now, you can. tool

1988, SU x 8U, 157 pp, Illustrated, »oft cover.

The Lovers’ Guide to Better Orgasms (Vhs Video)

by Dr. Andrew Stanway

Orgasm, for most people, Is the ultimate response to Intense soxual excitement. It happens when your body is released from the peak of soxual tension and the experience is a uniquely personal blend of emotional, spiritual and physical responses combined In an all-consuming moment of ecstasy.

This video explores the mysteries of orgasms, how to experience thorn (even If you've never had one before), and special techniques for increasing the pleasure of your sexual climax. The programme is divided into three separate parts: orgasms for women, orgasms for men, and a unique “Going for Gold“ section which demonstrates how couples can achieve the best possible orgasms together,

Contents includo: • What is an orgasm? • Loaming to have orgasms • How to improve your orgasms • Teaching your partner to help you to a belter orgasm • Multiple orgasms • Soxual urge, orgasms & puberty • Achieving greater ejaculation control • Increasing the intensity of your orgasm • How your partner can holp you to onjoy more powerful climaxes • Orgasmic control • Simultaneous orgasms • Instant Orgasms • Orgasms & Fantasy & Sex toys • Orgasms • Secrets of Tantric Sex.

Warning: This video contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature. Adults only. Sexually explicit content.

1993, 90 minute full color VHS video.

Please Note: Videos are nonreturnable — damaged tapes will be replaced.

European Customers: All the video tapes we sell are American VHS format. We regret that this format is not compatible with European video players. Be sure to check your player before ordering video tapes.

Your Money or Your Life

Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence

by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Doos money own you? There’s a big difference between “making a living' and making a life. Do you spend more than you earn? Doos making a living feel more like making a dying? Do you dislike your Job but can't afford to leave it? Is money fragmenting your time, your relationships with family and friends? If so, Your Money Or Your Life is lor you.

Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin took back their Ilves by gaining control of tholr money. They both gave up successful — and stressful — careers In order to live more deliberately and meaningfully. Now, In this inspiring and empowering book, they explain their nine-step program that shows you how to:

♦ Get out of debt and develop savings

♦ Reorder material priorities and live well for less

♦ Resolve Inner conflicts between values and lifestyles

♦ Convert problems Into opportunities to learn new skills

♦ Attain a wholeness of livelihood and lifestyle

♦ And much more.

Your Money Or Your Life is must roading for anyone who wants to got out of the job economy and become financially independent.

1992, 5x8, 382pp, Illustrated, soft cover.

Advanced Sexual Techniques (Vhs Video)

by Dr. Andrew Stanway

Making sex even better. No one is bom a groat lover. In personal and sexual relationships some things come naturally, but so much more Is learned usually by trial and error. This frank, but sensitive, programme vividly demonstrates ways for you and your partner to develop your soxual skills. It deeply explores a wide range of love-making techniques and sensual methods to enrich your life as lovers. There Is no more effective way to discover how to give and receive greater pleasure and lasting satisfaction.

Contents Include: Sox, deslro & communication • Intensifying romantic liaisons • Prolonged foreplay • Advanced foreplay • Intensifying intercourse • Creative lovemaking positions • Sex beyond the bedroom • Fantasy • Sex games • First nights together • Practicing safer sex.

Banish sexual boredom!

Warning: This video contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature. Adults only. Sexually explicit content.

1992, 60 minute», full color VHS video.

Killing Time

The Autobiography of Paul Feyerabend

by Paul Feyerabend

Killing Time Is the story of an extraordinary life. Finished only weeks before Paul Feyerabend's death, it is the self-portrait of one of this century’s most original and Influential intellectuals.

Trained in physics and astronomy, Feyerabond was best known as a philosopher of science. But he emphatically was not a builder of theories or a writer of rules. Rather, his fame was in powerful, plain-spoken critiques of “big" science and 'big* philosophy. In landmark essays and books, and in legendary lectures, Feyerabend gave voice to a radically democratic ‘epistemological anarchism*: he argued forcefully that there is not one way to knowledge but many principled paths; not one truth or one rationality but different, competing pictures of the workings of the world. ‘Anything goes," he said about the ways of science in his most famous book, Against Method. And he meant it.

Although not written as an intellectual autobiography, Killing Time chronicles the people, ideas, and conflicts of sixty years. Feyerabend writes frankly of complicated relationships with his mentor Kari Popper and his friend and frequent opponent Imre Lakatos, and his reactions to a growing reputation as the “worst enemy of science.” He is characteristically self-critical and matter-of-fact, whether about the controversy he regularly provoked or the doubts ha had about his own Ideas. ‘I never 'denigrated' reason, whatever that Is," he writes, ‘only some petrified and tyrannical version of it. Nor did I assume my critique was the end of the matter.”

Feyerabend's legacy is immense: the sea change in the way we understand science would have been Impossible without him. Contentious, often unforgiving, Feyerabend here Is also reflective, even lyrical about the pleasures of philosophy. Rarely has an Intellectual of this stature told his story with such openness, honesty, or joy,

1995, 5Hx8H, 192pp, Illustrated, Indexed, hardcover.

Censored 1995

The News That Didn’t Make The News — And Why The 1995 Project Censored Yearbook

by Carl Jensen & Project Censored

Read all about it: ■ The deadly secrets of the Occupational Safety Agency ■ The ultra-conservative group with secret plans for your future ■ The secret Pentagon plan to subsidize defense contractor mergers ■ Toxic incinerators ■ The latest on the ozone crisis ■ The AEC memo that shows why Information about human radiation experiments was censored ■ 60 billion pounds of fish that Is wasted each year ■ The return of tuberculosis ■ The Pentagon's mysterious HAARP project ■ How the news media masks spousal violence in the ‘language of love.” And more!

The 25 top censored stories of the year, Including the ten mentioned above, were compiled by Cari Jensen, Project Censored, and a national panel of 20 leading media scholars and critics.

Project Censored has been described as “one of the most significant media research projects currently being undertaken in the country,“ and “a distant early warning system for society's problems." Censored 1995 contains 25 stories that affect each and every one of us, stories which you probably didn’t hear about because they were underreported.

1995, 5H x 8H, 332pp, Illustrated, Indexed, soft cover.
CENSORED 1995: $14.95

World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts

by Lee Baxandall

Lee Baxandall's World Guide To Nude BeachesAnd Resorts gives you thousands of choice sites and contacts spanning the globe — mostly illustrated in brilliant color — complete with accurate directions, invaluable local customs, and witty lore gathered from over twenty years of Nude Beach and Resort adventuring over six continents. From the author's Introduction:

“Relaxation or active recreation without garments — what the British call 'costumes' — and without a sense of shame is today, for much of the civilized world, an uncontroversial amenity.

“Indeed, one mark of a civilized country is its nude and topfree beaches.

“It seems almost inconceivable, given the present acceptance, that earlier In this century a boachgoer who exposed a bare knee or shoulder from a cumbersome bathing costume invited arrest.

“It has been said that self acceptance is largely an extension of body acceptance. Social nudity permits us to enhance our awareness of the reality, not merely the idea, of how much alike and similarly vulnerable we are. Discovering this, we may leam to control our lear of the gaze of another.

“Alienating barriers of social role and economic class, sex role and gender preference are reduced as we dispose of the trappings of difference, privilege and fear. Individuality can be strengthened without arrogance; Integrity can be recovered.

"The presence of our bodies—of breast and genital vulnerability in a natural context, 'Nalurism' — contributes to perspective and health. When the culture Into which we are bom strays too far from nature's laws, we suffer. A 'naturalization' is in order. This will, conversely, make it possible to more completely 'humanize' our culture.

“This book Is a guide to opportunities for you and your family and friends to enjoy recreation in the nude. And why should you and they not try II? You cannot imagine the taste of an apple if you haven't tasted one. It is no different with a nude beach or resort."

See (in full glorious color!) and Experience:

o France's clothing-free City: Cap d'Agde

O Florida's full-service nudist resorts

O Nudist Clubs in most States & Provinces

O California's elegant Hideaways

O Buenos Aires to Alaska, Bali to London

O Nude Cruises & Resorts in the Caribbean!

Lee Baxandall's World Guide To Nude Beaches And Resorts is one of the most beautiful books we have ever sold.

1995, 7x 10, 272pp, profusely Illustrated, soft cover.

Utopias on Puget Sound 1885-1915

by Charles Pierce LeWarne

James A. Farley's famous toast “to the forty-seven slates and the soviet of Washington" Introduces and establishes the tone for this study of radicalism. LeWarne finds the roots of that radicalism In the five communitarian experiments he discusses. With events such as the Everett massacre and the Seattle general strike prominent In local history, Washington has a long radical heritage. The author demonstrates that the Influence of a coterie of liberals and radicals centered on Puget Sound in such communities as Home, Burley, Equality, Freeland, and Port Angeles was felt in the state long after the “utopias* they came Io colonize ceased to exist.

‘In Utopias On Puget Sound 1885-1915 Charles Pierce LeWame analyzes the fortunes and misfortunes of five communitarian settlements: Puget Sound Co-operative Colony, Equality, Freeland, Burley and Home. Utilizing a variety of sources, many of them obscure and fragmentary, he skillfully weaves them together to describe the origins, philosophies, personnel, achievements, internal stresses, and ultimate causes for the dissolution of each of the colonies... LeWame has made an important contribution to American social history. ’— Pacific Historical Review

Thoroughly documented and indexed, this is an absorbing account of a little-known but important period in the long history of the liberal traditionin Washington Slate. "■—The Pacific Historian

1995, 6x9, 349pp, photos, indexed, soft cover.
UTOPIAS ON PUGET SOUND 1885-1915: $18.95

bolo’ bolo

by P.M.

New Edition With an Author0's Apology

This challenging and unusual book advocates the "bolo’ as the basic form of society — self-sufficient communities with free travel and free trade among them, and individuals moving about as it pleases them. But bolo' bolo is far more than a mere blueprint for how everyone is supposed to have to live—change and adaptability are built into the system.

“The name of the monster that we have let grow and that keeps our planet In its grips is: The Planetary Work-Machine. If we want Io transform our spaceship into an agreeable place again, we've got to dismantle this Machine, repair the damage it has done, and come Io some basic agreements on a new start. ...The machine Is built on its inner contradictions: workers/capital; private capital/stale capital (capitallsmAsocialism); development/underdevelopmont; misery/wasle; war/peace; womon/men; etc. The Machine is not a homogenous structure; it uses its internal contradictions to expand its control and to refine its instruments. Unlike fascist or theocratic systems or like in Orwell's 1984, Ihe Work-Machine permits a 'sane' level of resistance, unrest, provocation and rebellion. It digests unions, radical parties, protest movements, demonstrations and democratic changes of regimes."

Unlike most political books, bolo'bolotranscends traditional left/right analysis (which is always co-opted by The Machine), and examines the nature of the forces that compose the reality we all have to inhabit.

1995, 4W x 7, 192pp. Illustrated, soft cover.
bolo’bolo: $7.00

How to Locate Anyone Who is or Has Been in the Military

by Lt. CoL Richard S. Johnson7

The author is the foremost expert in the nation on locating people with a military connection. In this book, he has brought together every conceivable means to locate current and former members of the military. This unique book has been used successfully by private Investigators, collection agencies, attorneys, military, school and family reunion organizers, genealogical researchers and people searching for missing relatives and birth parents.

Here is some of the valuable information covered in this unique book: 1 How to obtain unit of assignment, home address and telephone num

ber for members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, the Reserve Components and National Guard.

  • How to locate any of 27 million veterans.

  • How to locate current, former or retired members of the Armed Forces or Reserve Components.

  • How to collect a debt or delinquent child support from a service member.

  • How to obtain the Social Security number of a veteran.

  • How to locate Civil Service employees.

  • How to obtain copies of ship muster rails and military unit rosters (with individual service numbers and names) as well as other military records and reports.

I How to obtain copies of the official military personnel records of current, former or deceased military members.

  • How to determine if a veteran is deceased.

  • And numerous other ways to locate hard-to-find people (military or civilian), even without a Social Security number.

  • And much, much more, including Directories of Armed Forces WorldWide Locators, Fleet Post Offices, APOs of all overseas bases, Military Libraries, Military, Patriotic and Veteran Organizations, Military Unit Reunion Associations, Drivers License, MVR and Vital Statistics Offices, and more!

This book explains how to cut through the red tape and the bureaucracy, so you can find the people you are looking for quickly!

1995, 5W x 8H, 288pp, Indexed, soft cover.

Smokeless Marijuana

1995 by August Sulemi

Nineteen ninety-five is a rare and unusual time in the nearly sixty-year prohibition of the Cannabis plant in the U.S.A. It is a time where thirty-five million educated and intelligent adults in the U.S.A. regularly use the leaf and buds for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is a time where many millions more are recognizing the tremendous value of this plant for paper, clothing, food, fuel, pharmaceuticals, and so on. It is also a bizarre time when a plant with such far-reaching and monumental value, which has become the »ccond-largest cash crop in (he U.S.A., is still remarkably and irexplicably illegal. And most importantly it is a time to say no tc the bureaucrats who perpetrate this atrocity of Cannabis prohibition.

Consider these facts (mostly gleaned from High Times) about the thirty-five million marijuana (Cannabis) consumers in the U.S.A. One out of six is over 50 years old. 18% hold doctoral degrees, and a full 70% are college graduates. Their average I.Q. is 17 points above the national average. They arc considerably healthier than their non-marijuana-using counterparts, and they suffer from cancer and cardiovascular diseases at a rate 40% lower than the average. More than one- third are vegetarians. Nearly three-quarters do not smoke tobacco.

It is for this intelligent, educated, health-conscious and somewhat aging group that 1 write this article. The only danger from marijuana other than its senseless illegality has been the common method of ingesting it by smoking. Smokeless Marijuana will enable them to reduce or even eliminate the smoking danger.

This article is aimed only at recreational use of marijuana, and it is hoped that it will expand your enjoyment of the Cannabis plant in unusual and delightful ways.


(Dedicated to "Rocky, ” who for the last dozen years has admonished me to write down these methods.)

Marijuana Capsules

Up in smoke. That’s where 85% of your expensive purchased pot or your painstakingly-grown weed is going when you smoke it. Only about 15% of inhaled burning marijuana is absorbed. The rest is simply blown away.

By ingesting marijuana through the digestive system, rather than through the lungs, we can realize nearly 100% of its effects. We also spare the lungs the irritation of inhaling a burning substance. This is definitely not an article on how to make those ineffective, foul-tasting marijuana brownies of the 1960s.

The first method presented will demonstrate how to make highly-potent marijuana capsules. They can be made easily without any special techniques, and with standard kitchen equipment. Homegrown leaf or summer pinchings that would require many smoked joints to get even a slight buzz produce capsules of outrageous stoniness. Unsmokeable shake and dust can also be used. If you want to try prime buds to make capsules, be prepared for an extremely intense trip.

It takes about an hour to get stoned after swallowing a marijuana capsule, and the high lasts at least 2-3 hours. I suggest saving some of your best buds for smoking when you want to get a quick, short high.

The Theory

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the active part of marijuana, the stuff that gets you stoned, is contained within the tiny plant cells. These cells arc surrounded by a tough cellulose skin. When smoked, the cellulose skin is burned, and the wonderful, stony vapors of the THC are released to be absorbed through your lungs and carried by your bloodstream directly to your brain — ecstasy! If you ate a primo bud, however, you would not get stoned. The cellulose skin is indigestible, and the pot cells will pass out of your body unchanged along with the rest of your shit.

So, how can we break through this tough, cellulose skin of the pot-plant cells, without burning them, to make the THC contained therein available to our digestive system? This will be explained as the method for making the capsules is presented.

The Method

The first piece of equipment needed is a blender. It must have exceptionally sharp blades. I keep mine sharp by honing the blades with a small round file used for chainsaw sharpening. (Editor's note: a small coffee mill or grinder will also suffice.)

Put your very dry marijuana leaf into the blender and grind the stuff up. Strain the ground-up pot through a very fine screen. A triple-zero (000) brass screen purchased from your local hardware store is best. Blend and re-blend the stuff, and filter it through the screen repeatedly. The object is to end up with ground-up weed that is near the consistency of flour. Any fibrous, leftover material can be thrown out. It is important that the marijuana be very dry and ground to the finest possible consistency. This exposes the greatest number of cells containing the stony THC to the extraction process.

The plant cells containing the THC are almost impossible to rupture in order to release the THC. Until recently, the only commonly-employed method was to bum them and inhale the smoke. That is, until the appearance of the microwave oven. Your second piece of apparatus is a microwave oven.

THC is soluble in both alcohol and oil. The alcohol is not acceptable for capsule making, so oil is the choice. As an Italian, I always use olive oil in the process, but any good liquid vegetable oil will suffice.

Place a portion, or all if you have just a small amount, of your ground-up marijuana powder into a microwave-safe, clear-glass container. Pour in some oil. The amount cannot be specified, as it depends upon the amount of your marijuana powder, A 20% oil-to-powder ratio will be about right. Microwave this mixture for a few seconds, then remove from the oven and stir. Repeat this process several times, microwaving and stirring. Add oil if necessary. The mixture must be a very oily, black, almost-tarry consistency. Continue to microwave and stir until the mixture becomes quite hot and just begins to smoke very slightly. Do not scorch the mixture. Allow the mixture to cool for a short time.

What has happened is that the marijuana plant cells have ruptured in the microwave oven, and the released THC is trapped in the oil surrounding them. The oil containing this released THC is completely digestible.

After the mixture has cooled for a short time, stuff it into empty 00 capsules. I use a plastic swizzic-stick to make sure the capsules arc packed tightly. Put the capsules into a bottle and freeze them immediately. This is important: The capsules must be stored in a freezer. The released THC dissolved in the oil will spoil or become rancid if not frozen. The capsules keep indefinitely when frozen. In fact, the freezing can make them even stronger. The freezing (ends to rupture (he few remaining THC-containing cells that the microwave may have missed.

Using The Capsules

When ingesting the capsules, they should be removed from the freezer and swallowed frozen. One capsule, or the maximum of two, are all that are needed for a long-lasting, very intense high. Remember, it takes thirty minutes to an hour and a half to get stoned, depending on how speedy your digestive system is. Also, the effects come on slowly and subtly. You may think that nothing is happening due to the slowness, but after a while you will realize that you are more stoned than you have ever been before on marijuana. Remember, you've got all the good stuff inside you. You're not blowing away 85% of it by smoking. The high is also long- lasting; not just a brief blast, then nothing, like much of the current so-called high-eaergy weed. You've got at least two hours of joyous stoniness

Here is a hint on how to maximize the effects of taking a marijuana capsule: Take it about fifteen minutes to one-half hour after a meal. Your digestive system will be in high gear from the food, and tie THC from the capsule will get into your bloodstream quickh, furiously, and delightfully! Enjoyl

One of the greatest advantages of smokeless marijuana in capsule form is the drastically-reduccd chance of getting busted. Take the capsule at home just before you go out for dinner and bar-hopping, and you’ll spend most of the evening stoned out of your mind without having any weed in your possession, any paraphernalia, or any smell in your car or on your breath. One friend calls it his “fuck the fuzz" high. Just keep your munchies out of sight. Smokeless marijuana has al least twice the munchie-inducing properties of smoked marijuana.

An Alternative Method

If freezer storage is not possible, the capsules can be made with a hard Crisco-like type of oil. The capsules must still be kept in a very cool place, preferably in the refrigerator. Storage time will be reduced in proportion to the warmth of the storage place. This method is OK if you arc making just a few capsules to be used within a short period of time.

Marijuana Wine

Yes, you read it right. Imagine a delicious, light, white wine that not only gets you drunk, but also gets you stoned. Remarkable!

This process is very easy, but it demands much more patience than capsule making. Primo marijuana wine takes at least a year for perfection. Most of the time is spent just waiting. The actual work to be done is very slight.

The recipe will be for one gallon (or four liters, for you metric-oriented ioadies). A five-gallon carboy is an excellent wine-making container for those who have enough of the raw materials.

This is an excellent method for large-quantity home growers, as it utilizes stems to make the wine. Yep, the ultimate in total use— wine from marijuana stems. You can use leaf or even buds to make the wine, but I prefer to make capsules from the leaf and smoke the buds. It’s your call, however.

The Theory

The theory is extremely simple. Remember where I informed you that THC (the stony stuff, in case your shortterm memory loss has already kicked in) is soluble in alcohol and oil? Voila! As your wine ferments, it produces alcohol, which then dissolves the THC from your marijuana material in the fermenting container. Ain't nature wonderful!

The Method

Step #1

Stuff your one-gallon jug with marijuana stems cut into short pieces about one to two inches long. Stuff it full by ramming the material down with a stick. The more you gel into the jug, the better the wine will be. Throw in some leaf or even bud if you are so inclined. Old, dried-out shake is also perfectly OK. Try not to use any seeds in (he wine, as they arc very oily, contain no THC, and can cause a bad flavor in the wine.

Step #2

Heat 2!6 quarts (liters) of water to boiling. Do not use an aluminum pan. Completely dissolve two pounds of white sugar in the boiling water. This sounds like a huge quantity of sugar, but there arc no natural sugars in marijuana as there are in fruit, and the sugar turns to alcohol. In fact, two pounds of sugar make a very dry wine. Alternatives for sweeter wine or different flavors will be discussed later.

Step #3

Pour the hot water with the sugar completely dissolved into your jug of stems. Cap the jug, shake well, loosen cap, and set the jug aside to cool to room temperature.

Step #4

In a small amount of lukewarm water (not hot!), dissolve one entire cake of fresh yeast, or alternatively, one package of active dry yeast, or one tablespoon of bulk dry yeast. It may take considerable stirring, but the yeast must be completely dissolved in the lukewarm water. Add more water if necessary.

Caution: Before proceeding with the next step, make sure your jug has cooled completely. If the water is too hot in this step or in the next, the yeast, which is a living plant, will be killed, and you will not get wine, just a jug of rotten stems!

Step #5

Pour the yeast solution into the jug, cap, shake well, and immediately remove the cap. Fill the jug to within 2-3 inches from the top with cool water. Be sure to leave several inches of space at the top of the jug or it will overflow when the fermentation begins. Cap the jug, shake well again, remove the cap, then replace it on the jug loosely! This is extremely important. If the cap is not put on loosely, the jug will explode when fermentation begins.

Step #6

Place the jug on several thicknesses of newspapers and put it in a dark place. The back of a closet is an ideal place. The contents of the jug will begin fermenting vigorously within a few hours. Frequently, some of the liquid will bubble over and out of the jug, especially if you filled it too full. Just wipe it up and change the newspapers. Do not add more water. This super-active fermentation lasts for several days. During this period it is helpful to open the jug and push the marijuana down with a clean wooden stick. Be sure to replace the cap loosely!

Step #7

Allow fermentation to continue for two weeks. During this time, bubbles will be rising continuously through the stems. Add small amounts of cool water occasionally during this two- week period to gradually fill the jug. At the same time, push the marijuana down as indicated previously. Always replace the cap loosely.

Step #8

The total fermentation time varies, but the average time for completion is approximately four weeks. The active fermentation of the first few weeks will gradually become slower and slower until it stops. This should be observed in order to determine when the fermentation has ceased.

A method of determining completion of fermentation is to tip the jug slightly back and forth. If no bubbles rise up through the stems, the fermentation is complete. Do not shake the jug at this time.

Bottling and Aging

When the fermentation is complete, carefully move the jug so as to not disturb the sediment on the bottom. A sink counter js a good place to work. Insert a length of W" flexible plastic tubing down the inside of the jug to about one inch from the bottom. Siphon (start by sucking on the tube) the contents into another clean glass jug. At this lime it is best to allow the wine to pass through several layers of clean pantyhose before allowing it to enter the second jug. This will remove particles which may come through while siphoning. (One marijuana winemaker of my acquaintance insists that his best wine results when he filters it through the crotch portion of unwashed pantyhose. Hmmm.) The wine will be quite cloudy and murky-looking at this time. You may taste it at this time if you like. It will not be smooth, but the delicious marijuana flavor will already be there. It’s hard to wail, but the next easy steps make the wine much better!

Discard the fermenting jug with its contents. It’s best to cap it. put it in a paper bag, and throw the whole thing out. (Editor's note: Be sure to wipe off your fingerprints!)

Take your jug of wine, cap it loosely, and put it in a dark place. That closet is just fine. Gradually, your wine will become clear, and a layer of sediment will form on the bottom. Allow it to settle and clarify in this fashion for two weeks to a month. Do not disturb the jug at this time. After about a month, very carefully carry the jug back to the sink counter. Be careful not to stir up the sediment on the bottom.

Rinse several 750ml wine bottles in boiling water. Carefully siphon the wine from the jug into these bottles. Try not to disturb the sediment on the jug's bottom. Again, allow the wine to pass through several layers of clean pantyhose before it enters the 750ml bottles. Seal the cap or cork with electrical tape or melted wax. An alternative to the pantyhosc-filtcring is to use coffee fillers. This will give a clearer wine with less sediment, but it is a very slow process. When the bottles are filled, cork or cap them tightly.

The wine is now ready to drink, and a bottle can be chilled if you are anxious. However, it is best now to put the sealed bottles back in that dark place. The longer you let them age tn this manner, the clearer, smoother, and more mellow the wine will become. I have kept and subsequently opened bottles that were as much as four years old. The wine was fantastic! It could easily win medals, were not the ingredients contained therein inexplicably illegal.

(Note: This homemade marijuana wine will never be quite as crystal-clear as a commercial wine. This is a natural wine with no chemicals added. Commercial wines use chemical clarifiers. The slight cloudiness your wine may have in no way affects its flavor or potency. Use caution when decanting from your 750ml bottles, so as to not stir up the very slight sediment on the bottom. All natural wines will have this slight sediment.)

Alternative Procedures

For a sweeter wine, use one-half to one cup more sugar. Honey can be substituted for alt or part of the sugar, and makes a unique, deliciously-flavored wine, Use about 25% more honey, as its sugar content is lower than straight white sugar. Several people have told me that they use the juice of a few lemons or oranges in the fermenting jug. Others have used various herbs as flavoring ingredients. I have never found these to be satisfactory.

Effects on The Body

“Will it get you stoned?” is the most commonly-asked question. The answer is a qualified yes. Marijuana wine is alcoholic; in fact, more so than commercial wines. By following the above directions, your wine will be at least 13% alcohol. So, of course, as you drink the wine you will feel the effects of the alcohol. Imbibe too much, and you will get quite drunk.

The effects of the THC are more subtle and difficult to predict exactly. The amount of THC in the wine will vary considerably, depending on how much marijuana you used in the making of the wine and the quality of the weed used. Also, the alcohol enters your bloodstream more quickly than the THC, so you will begin to feel drunk before you feel stoned. Regardless of how much or how good the marijuana used for making your wine was, you will feel the effects of the THC if you drink enough. The only difference will be how much wine you will need to drink to gel high, and how intense the high will be. On the average, two to four six-ounce glasses of the wine will get you pleasantly stoned as well as moderately inebriated.

Ingesting the THC in this fashion does not affect the body in quite the same way as smoking it does. It is similar to the capsules, in that you will not notice the effect of the THC for at least thirty minutes. It takes time for the THC to be absorbed through the digestive system. The effect is also less intense than capsules. The high comes on slowly and gradually, and almost without realizing it, you will feel very mellow and will be quite stoned.

Smoking marijuana while drinking the wine can be too much for some people, but others will find it delightful! The initial speedy effects of smoking arc gradually made more and more intense by the effects of the THC in the wine, until your body feels completely and beautifully stoned. Use caution, however, when smoking and drinking at the same time. Remember, the effect of the THC in the wine takes about half an hour to come on, and if you arc completely stoned-out from smoking when this happens, the combination could be too much.

Drinking and Enjoying

The wine should be ice-cold before drinking. A small brandy-type glass is best for drinking the wine, as the narrow top captures the marvelous aroma. It is best to drink the wine without food, as its flavor is so unique. For a real flavor rush, smoke a small amount of good marijuana; then, when your taste buds are completely psychcd-up with the munchies, pour a frosty glass of marijuana wine and sit back and sip it slowly. Are you ever in for a treat!

A hint for the wise: Your friends will love the wine, and, of course, will want a sample to take home. Parting with an entire 750ml bottle, even to the best of friends, can be quite traumatic. One solution is to bottle some of the marijuana wine in beer bottles and seal with a wine cork. The smaller amount may be easier to part with.


Marijuana Champagne

This is a tough one. I have had only two bottles out of about ten attempts come out successfully. But, oh, is it worth it! A golden, clear, riotously-bubbling glass of frosty, cold marijuana champagne is a treat to be savored and remembered for a lifetime. The flavor is indescribable, and the high is fast and nice. I suspect that it is the bubbles which rocket the good stuff to your brain more quickly.

Here we go for you adventuresome folks:

Follow all the directions for making marijuana wine. Now, this is the tricky part and can only work if you have made marijuana wine at least once and preferably several times: Between three and five days before the marijuana wine in the fermenting jug has finished its fermenting, siphon from near the top of the jug 750ml into a scrupulously-clean heavy champagne bottle. Do not use one of those el cheapo bottles. Use only a very thick one with the large indentation in the bottom. Immediately cap the bottle with a plastic champagne cork. Do everything possible to secure that cork in the bottle's neck. I use a champagne wire bail, and tape the sucker with about thirty layers of duct tape. That cork must be secure. The last few days of fermentation are now occurring in a scaled bottle, and the pressure developed in the bottle is awesome. The bottle can explode with great and dangerous force. To thwart this danger, wrap the bottle with many layers of newspapers, and tape them securely. Store the bottle upright in a safe place. I put mine in the garage under a layer of blankets and old sleeping bags. One friend even went so far as to bury his in the ground. It worked, and he shared a most delightful champagne with me. Leave the bottle sequestered in its secure place for at least six months.

I have had one explosion occur, and the glass shards penetrated 50-60 layers of newspaper and embedded into the blankets. The sound of the explosion woke me from a sleep at 2 a.m. Use every safety precaution; that exploding bottle is no joke. On the other hand, if you bottle the prospective champagne a bit too late in the fermentation process, you will end up with a sickly, flat champagne with no pizazz. This is what usually happens with my attempts.

Onward with the method. If you have come this far, take your bottle with the newspapers still on it and cool it in a refrigerator for two days. After two days, take the still newspaper-encapsulated bottle outside. Remove the newspapers, then remove the duct tape from the cork. Make sure the bottle is pointing away from you, upward, and away from anyone nearby. I even go so far as to wear safety glasses, leather gloves and a heavy coat. Slowly remove the bail and push gently on the cork. If the process worked, the champagne cork will blast most satisfactorily about twenty feet into the air. If it didn’t work, all you will get is that sickly fizz. But all is not lost. Leave the semi-champagne in the refrigerator uncorked for a few days, and it will turn into a very acceptable still wine.

Marijuana Beer

This is the toughest and most unrewarding of the smokeless marijuana projects. In fact, I have never brewed it, although I have patient, persevering friends who have. The beer is usually delicious, depending on the skill of the maker. It has a pleasant hint of that delightful marijuana flavor. But it has such a low concentration of the stony THC compounds that it is virtually impossible to drink enough of the stuff to get stoned.

I will give you. who have the patience and knowledge to brew beer, very brief instructions.

Simply use any beer-making recipe that you have and substitute marijuana for the hops. Use at least two to five times the amount of marijuana as the amount of hops called for in the recipe.

One enterprising cohort of mine has plans to open a microbrewcry featuring marijuana beer as soon as they legalize the weed. Yeah, right. Good luck, friend.

Marijuana Lhueur and Brandy

If you have come this far in this work, you’ll discover that I have saved the easiest process for Iasi. The stoniness level of this stuff is just under that of the capsules, which makes it very potent indeed.

You will need a scrupulously-clcan one-liter or -quart glass bottle, preferably with a wide mouth. It must have a tight- fitting lid.

Fill the bottle with marijuana. It can be cut stems, leaf, shake, dust, or even buds. Just make sure there are few, and preferably no, seeds. Put as much of the marijuana as you possibly can in the bottle. A little bit will give you a tasty and mildly-stony drink, but a bottle packed full will give you a drink whereby one or two shots will put your brain into a delightful never-never land.

Next, fill the bottle with vodka. Regular vodka is OK, but if you can find the 100-proof stuff, use it!

Cap the bottle tightly and shake it well. Let the bottle sit for 2-3 weeks, and shake it well several times every day.

Filter the contents through a coffee filter into a clean glass bottle. It is now ready to drink! To make a brandy, add some sweetener to the bottle of stuff you just filtered. It can be honey or sugar. If you want it to be a liqueur, add whatever flavorings you wish. 1 have had it with peppermint, cinnamon, and several varieties of food colorings. My preference is the straight sluff, straight-up just as it comes from the marijuana bottle.

You can drink it straight, or use it for a mixed drink. If you make a mixed drink, use something neutral like seltzer, or you will mask that great marijuana flavor. Yes, just like the rest of the recipes in this article, it takes at least thirty minutes for you to get stoned from marijuana brandy. Sip two shots of (his magnificent elixir, sit back, relax, and you will soon be delightfully blottoed and blitzed.

Lastly, genuine good luck Io all who attempt these great smokeless-marijuana processes. Your brain and your lungs will thank you! •

How to Find Your Ideal Country Home

Ruralize Your Dreams

by Gene GeRue

Have you ever dreamed of living in the country? Here to how to Ruralize Your Dreams! From the author's Introduction:

"This book was produced for a wide range of people. It will be useful to retirees who have attained that secure status of knowing that a monthly check will follow them wherever they live and who have decided that they will plant their mailbox in front of a country home; to parents who want their children to understand that potatoes and carrots come from the ground, and eggs come from chickens — not from the supermarket back room; and for people of all ages who are disenchanted with city life and seek simpler, closer-to-nalure lives In communities where natural human values are held in greater esteem than economic achievements.

'Moving to the country may not create instant joy. After all, when we move, we take oursetves with us. Country living can be wonderful and it can be awful. Many people make life-altering moves based on decisions from emotional passion without due regard for common sense considerations and practical knowledge. Such moves are seldom satisfactory. This book will assist you in making a sound, lasting decision. Your joy of country living will be ever so much greater for having made the effort Io acquire the knowledge and do the planning.

The premise behind this book can be listed in four lines:

'If you clearly identify how and where you most want to live, and

'If you accordingly locate a property using those criteria, and

'If you acquire and live on that property, then

"Your life will be greatly enriched.'

Contents include: The importance of place • The ideal country home • Buy your land as soon as you can • Who are you? • Do you have what it lakes? • What do you really want? • Developing a criteria list • Lifestyles • Choose your climate • Land characteristics: Topography, soil and vegetation • The cost of living • Making a living • Farming • Air • Waler • Health 101 • Community lost and found • Demographics and social conditions • Services and taxes • To build or not to build: buying unimproved versus improved property • Prices • Regions, bioregions, and states • Real country, boondocks, and old subsistence farms • Small towns and villages • Subdivisions: Land subdivisions, developments, projects, retirement communities, planned unit developments, destination resorts, etc. • Intentional communities and eco-villages • Places and conditions to avoid • Toxic pollution • Finding your Ideal area • Real estate and real estate agents ■ Looking al country property • Making the final evaluation before purchase • And much, much more!

Your ideal (and affordable) country home place is waiting for you, and How To Find Your Ideal Country Home shows you how to find it.

1994, BHx 11, 414 pp, illustrated. Indexed, sort cover.

Shocked and Amazed!

On & Off the Midway

Edited by James Taylor

Hurry, hurry, hurry. 'Step right upl Friends and fans of sideshows everywhere! Freak shows! Giri shows! Grind shows of every make and description! Headless women! Alligator boys! Ten foot, two-headed Egyptian mummy cavemen! Dare-devils to stop the heart in a flutter! Mysteries to beguile the innocent and confound the skepticl Listen to the voice of a stranger! Your njjEMHWA r-jMESy Ift neighbors are enjoying the I \ ArtI 1 show right now!

And how might that be? \ Ji '

They're reading James j Ihijr1

Taylor's Shocked And , Al

Amazed!, the only journal mraMM IBI Z.4RREII
devoted entirely to the >wW\\ISSUEy I

great spirit of the shows, ».-^^^^***Vj_Z
the only publication of its type anywhere. This Is the only volumo on the planet for the general public and show fans alike, the only book to
capture the thrills, excitement and mystery of the traditional back end shows of the carnival, the dime museums of a century ago, the road-side
museums of today, and the human marvel shows of tomorrow.

Shocked And Amazed! is chock full of first-time, exclusive interviews with the showmen and performers themselves, features re-prints of some of the greatest articles and stories about the shows ever
written. And of course it Is highlighted with dozens of never-before-published photos and original artwork. You'll see acts as they're performed
and the performers as they ready themselves for the shows and relax at
home. Shocked And Amazed! \s an unblinking look at the hows, whys
and wherefores of a business whose sole purpose is fun, awe and

1995, 8H x It, BOpp. Illustrated, softcover.

State Public Records

The Definitive Guide to Searching for Public Record Information at the State Level

Compiled by BRB Publications, Inc.

This sourcebook gives the reader all the information needed for accurate, comprehensive public record searching at the state level. Each topic is covered in detail — where to locate (i.e., address, telephone, office hours), search requirements, modes of access, costs, access and usage restrictions, how records are indexed, when records are available, and more. Additional information includes addresses and phone numbers of governors, attorneys general, state archives, and state-wide court administrators. Special attention is paid to on-line retrieval.

State Public Records uniquely points the searcher to all major state public record databases. Functioning as a complete and accurate compendium. this in-depth sourcebook examines the following topics: Corporation Records ÜJ Criminal Records (2 Workers' Compensation Histories Q Uniform Commercial Code Recordings £□ Partnership, Limited Liability Company Records LU Federal and State Tax Liens Q Sales Tax Registrations Q Driving Records Vehicle Ownership Records £□ Accident Reports LU Vital Statistics £D Hunting and Fishing Licenses LU Trademark/Trade Name Records LU State Legislature Bills and Laws LU And more. In addition, each state chapter contains a broad list of agencies involved in occupational licensing and business registration. Over 7,900 professional and business license addresses and telephone numbers are listed.

State Public Records is a vital tool lor any investigator or researcher. 1995, 8H x 11, 357pp, soft cover.


Survival Shelters Construction Manual

by M & M Engineering

It's not just crazy talk anymore, anarchism Is here! The insane foreign policies of this government have brought terrorists to America with their bombs! The Los Angeles riots were only a small sample of what is to come if the comforts we now enjoy are removed. Your only choice must be to plan ahead for the inevitable. In this book, you will see 11 different, totally complete plans, material lists, and instructions ranging from easy to construct basement blast shelters, to totally comfortable underground shelters that look like pleasant patios or gardens. M & M Engineering has finally released its trouble free survival shelter plans that you can be comfortable living in and comfortable looking at from the outside.

The purpose of this construction manual is to provide you with professionally designed survival shelters that can be built under ‘normal' pretenses so as to arouse as little concern as possible of your local zoning board, state building administration, federal agencies too numerous to list, and all your neighbors.

ft stands to reason that if you file papers with the zoning board that you are about to build a "blast shelter', you would First: Bo the talk of your town; Second: You would draw a crowd of onlookers who want to see firsthand how you are building an underground "blast shelter"; Third: The government at all levels will record and probably monitor your activities for the rest of your life; and Fourth: In the unlikely event that what the doomsayers are telling us is true, that we are about to experience a worldwide shitstorm of anarchy and terror, your building records are pubic documents'

tf anyone knows you built a nuclear blast shelter, then in times ol need they will come in mass to you in your shelter and after their failed attempts to persuade you to feed and house them, they would surely become resentful of your ‘greed" and ‘selfishness" with “their" food and medicine. Simply put, you have given your friendly neighbors a target, and they will eventually breach whatever security measures you may have devised to get at your food, medicine and weapons. This book tells bow to build a survival shelter with no one being the wiser.

Contents include: Above ground fallout shelters A Military shelters ▲ Below ground shelters ▲ Below ground fallout shelters ▲ Below ground blast shelter A Basement fallout shelter I A Basement fallout shelter II ▲ Basement fallout shelter III A Basement fallout shelter multi-use ▲ Basement fallout shelter prefab A Burial vaults ▲ And more.

Survival Shelters Construction Manuals a book that belongs In the library of everyone concerned with survival-

1994, 8H x 11, 126 pp, Illustrated, softcover.


Beat the Border

An Insider’s Guide to How the U.S. Border Works & How to Beat It

by Ned Beaumont

Free men want to travel freely. In today’s world of big. bureaucratic states, however, border guards and complex regulations often impede free travel. Such restrictions to human liberty are even in place in that land of the free," the United States of America.

Crossing the U.S. border can be a trial no matter how honest and law-abiding a person may be. The desperate and the criminal have the option of illegal entry, sneaking across the American border at the empty spaces of the desert or along the rocky coast. Most travelers like yourself, though, attempt to cross at lawful points of entry.

This book Is for you. Every time you try to cross the border into the United States, you are subject to inspection by a uniformed officer ol the government. And every year, thousands of people are denied admission to the U.S., often lor trivial, purely technical, or easily avoidable reasons. To further complicate matters, inspectors at the border use a number of tricks — legal, extralegal, and downright dirty — to keep people they dislike from crossing Into the U.S. This book reveals how and why they do so and teaches you explicitly how to avoid such hassles. By learning the rules — written and unwritten — of the border, you will learn Io glide through inspections In short, you will be able to beat the border.

1995, 5H x8h. 151 pp, softcover.

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance

Volume One: The Submachine Gun

by BUI Holmes

Finally, the average person can easily fabricate his own submachine gun—even from a truck axle—with a minimum of tools, equipment and materials. This nontechnical book walks you through building the receiver, breech block, barrel, trigger assembly, stock, pistol grip, sights and magazine, as well as heat treating and finishing. This vital knowledge is a must for every citizen who is concerned about the direction of our increasingly restrictive government. Warning: \\ is illegal to manufacture or possess the firearms described in this book without proper government authorization. Therefore, all BATF and local law enforcement rules apply. The procedures described in this book are tor academic study only.

1977, 8Hx5H, 152pp. Illustrated, softcover.
Volume One: The Submachine Gun: $15.00

Dim Mak S 12 Most Deadly Katas

Points of No Return

by Erle Montalgue

Originally, the 12 secret deadly katas of dlm-mak, or death-point striking. were only given to the most advanced students or family members who inherited the ancient martial system in China. One technique per year was given over a 12-year period. At the end of that period, the practitioner was so adept at using his hands that no one could match him.

Today, most of us don’t have the time or perseverance required to achieve this kind of mastery, and author Erle Montaigue acknowledges this. ‘Because we are twentieth-century human beings," he says, “we want things unnaturally quicker, and most of us do not wish to spend the time loaming a new martial art, especially one as intricate as taijiquan (dim mak)." In this book. then, he teaches the 12 most deadly katas of dlm-mak, offering his students a shortcut to learning the natural circular body movement of dim-mak, or taiji, which is based on the powerful points along the acupuncture meridians and can be as healing as it is lethal. In addition, he provides quick, concise training in specific patterns of movement or forms based on these points that can be used as a whole separate martial art. Part One teaches the solo form — not really a continuous kata but 12 separate katas. Part Two puts it all together with the student learning Io respond to a training partner's attacks with each ol 12 free-sparring techniques, called san-saux or Kumite, that directly correspond to the 12 katas taught in Part One.

1995, 5H x9H, 224pp, Illustrated, softcover.

Brutarian #14 & #15

Edited by Dom Saleml

Hey! Here are the latest Issues of Brutarian, Dorn Salemi's amazing zine devoted to the sleaziest elements of popular culture. The Brutarian Library. Six Pack Theatre, Audio Deprevation, and many more regular features, as well as articles such as "Origins of the Poker Playing Dogs,’ "Hong Kong Movie Stars,’ ’An Interview with Honor's Naughty Giri: Lucy Taylor," and more. Two-flsled writing by Jim Schoene, Oom Saleml, Fuckin' Crites, Clay Parker, and many others, and klck-ass artwork by the likes of John Crawford, Tom Coriette, Doug Allen, Danny Hellman, and others) Reviews of books, movies, videos, audios, etc. Brutarian\s must reading for anyone Interested In the current pop culture scene.

19945 1995, 8Hx11, total of 150 pp, Illustrated, softcover.
BRUTARIAN «14 & «15: $8.00

The Imaginary Indian

The Image of the Indian In Canadian Culture

by Daniel Francis

Images of the Indian have
always been fundamental to
Canadian culture. From the
paintings and photographs of
the nineteenth century Io the
Mounted Police sagas and the
spectacle of Buffalo Bill's Wild
West Show; from the performances of Pauline Johnson,
Grey Owl, and Buffalo Long
Lance to the media images of
Oka and llijah Harper — The
Imaginary Indian
is ever with
us, oscillating throughout history from friend to foe, from
Noble Savage to blood-lhirsty
warrior, from debased alcoholic to wise elder, from monosyllabic ’squaw” to eloquent
princess, from enemy of
progress to protector of the environment.

The Imaginary Indian has boon, and continues to bo — as Daniel Francis reveals In this book— just about anything the non-Native culturo
has wanted it to be; and the contradictory stories non-nativos toll about
Imaginary Indians are really stories about themselves and the uncertainties that make up their culture heritage.

The Imaginary Indian Is rooted In the colonial past and continues to
be part of the modem tradition stemming from the past. This is not a
book about Native people; it is the story of the images projected upon
Native people — and the desperate uses to which they are pul.

1992, 5H X8H, 270pp, Illustrated, Indexed, soft cover.

America's Lowest Cost Colleges

A Comprehensive Directory of More Than 1,000 Fully Accredited Colleges and Universities With Low or No Tuition

by Nicholas A. Roes

You can get a top
quality education at a very
reasonable price. Although you'd never guess
it from the headlines In the
newspapers, there are top
quality schools In all 50
states that are fully accredited, and have the
type of programs you are
looking for. Some have
open admission policies,
and accept all applicants.
Others require a Congressional recommendation to be considered.
Some are community colleges whose credits are
readily transferrable to
junior and senior years at
more expensive schools.
Some are lour year colleges. Some are universifies with graduate schools. And some are medical schools.

A college Is the second biggest investment a family makes (next Io
buying a home). You should comparison shop for the program you want.
Don't believe the Iio that more expensive Is always better.

America's Lowest Cost Colleges is the the most sensible place to begin a college search. Address Inquiries to ’Admissions Office’ of several schools. Then plan personal visits to the few schools you are considering most seriously. This directory lists names, addresses, phone numbers and degrees offered for more than 2,000 schools. The tuition listed includes other mandatory fees, and is for a full academic year.

1995, 5Hx8H, 184pp, Indexed, softcover.

Car Bomb Recognition Guide

How They're Made, How To Detect Them

by Lee Scott

This book shows
how criminals and
terrorists can rig an
automobile to become a deadly
infernal machine
with a single purpose — to kill its
occupant. Knowing
how to recognize
one of these suspicious devices could save your life.

Lee Scott has illustrated not only all of the classic car bombs and traps but also a number of original and lesser-known designs, including how a speedometer can bo modified to detonate a hidden bomb; how a knife can be set up to rip through the car seat when the driver sits down; how a single piece ol fuse, some metal nuts and a cigarette can be combined Io blow up a pickup truck; plus a number of other insidious, creative devices made from such common items as garbage bags, highway flares, matches and garage door openers.

No police bomb technician, counterterrorist specialist or concerned citizen can atford to be without this knowledge. For academic study only.

1995, 8H x 11, 64pp, Illustrated, softcover.

Recent & Bestselling Titles

Self-Sufficiency Gardening

Financial. Physical and emotional Security from Your Own Backyard

by Martin P. Waterman

A Practical Guide for Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Herbs, Medicines and Other Useful Products

Have you ever dreamed of growing most of your own food, and becoming less dependent on outside resources? If so, Self-Sufficiency Gardening: Financial, Physical and Emotional Security from Your Own Backyardcan provide you with the valuable knowledge you'll need to put such a plan into effect!

Widely-respected horticulturist and journalist Martin P. Waterman has prepared this practical guide for growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, medicines and other useful products with the novice gardener in mind. Chapters include information on:

♦ The basics of self-sufficiency gardening

♦ Organic growing procedures

♦ An overview of vegetable growing

♦ Cultivating herbs and medicinal plants

♦ Raising non-food and other valuable crops

♦ Edible landscaping

♦ Greenhouse gardening

♦ Hydroponic gardening

♦ Computer gardening and the Internet

♦ Seed saving and propagation

♦ Preserving and storing crops

♦ Earning income with your crops

♦ The future of sustainable agriculture

♦ Fad-filled appendices of self-sufficiency gardening resources

♦ And much more!

Time-tested gardening techniques are interspersed with the latest innovations In computer gardening technology, to provide the reader with everything that's needed for Self-Sufficiency Gardening: Financial, Physical and Emotional Security from Your Own Backyard.

Martin P. Waterman is a highly-regarded gardener and journalist, having authored over 500 articles and columns in such publications as Plant and Garden, The Oki Farmer's Almanac, Harrowsmith, Backwoods Home, The Growing Edge, The Computer Paper and Computing Now! Waterman is a world-recognized fruit breeder, known for his hardy northern grapes, and is a director of the North American Fruit Explorers, as well as a business consultant specializing in computers and the Internet.

1995, 8Uxl 1, 128pp, Illustrated, Indexed, softcover.

Travel-trailer Homesteading Under $5,000

by Brian D. Kelling

Are you tired of paying rent? Do you yearn for the stability and sense of security that come with owning your own home? And do you despair when you consider the high cost of buying or constructing a decent place in which to live?

Brian D. Kelling's Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000 explains how a modest investment can enable you to put an inexpensive roof over your head and live a more independent and self-sufficient life! By following the author's many Informative tips, you'll be able to purchase a suitable piece of land, acquire a travel-trailer or RV that can be used as a serviceable shelter, and make the necessary improvements to your property that will enable you to live in comfort and style!

Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000 te\\s you how to: Break down your costs effectively • Choose the tools you'll need • Pick the proper piece of land • Select an affordable travel-trailer or RV • Construct a septic system • Provide a potable water supply • Generate power, including the Installation of solar panels « Install an adequate heat source • Arrange for efficient refrigeration • And much, much more, including two dozen photographs and illustrations, plus an Informative Introduction by Bill Kaysing!

Don’t keep throwing your money away on rent! Taste the sense of freedom that comes from owning your own home! Declare your own financial Independence, and try Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000.

1995, 5H x8U, 80pp, illustrated, Indexed, softcover.

The Gas

A Novel of Sex and Violence

by Charles Platt

Pick any author, from Terry Southern to Samuel Beckett, and you're likely to find an erotic novel lurking somewhere in his past. From the 1950s through to the 1970s, dozens of novelists were tempted to write erotica in a spirit of playful rebellion. Most of their work was commissioned by Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press, the man who gave the world Vladimir Nabokov, William Burroughs, and a huge number of less distinguished "fuckbooks."

Most of these novels were published under pseudonyms, and most of them disappeared without a trace. The Gas by Charles Platt Is a rarity: it appeared under the author's real name and has refused to die.

Described by Platt as "slapstick sadomasochism," The Gas is a bizarre mixture of deadpan humor and blood-soaked depravity. Published originally by Girodias. it went through several printings in the United States before Olympia Press ceased operations. A new edition of The Gas appeared In England in 1980, was seized by the Director of Public Prosecutions and was used as evidence in a trial which put the publisher behind bars for three months. Now Loompanics presents an entirely new, revised edition of this classic which has remained unavailable in the United States for twenty years.

In unflinching detail, the book describes the comic and horrific consequences when a cloud of toxic gas is accidentally released from a biological warfare laboratory and wafts across southern England. The gas has two effects: it relaxes Inhibitions and accelerates hormone production In men and women. Within a matter of hours, "British reserve" becomes a thing of the past. Businessmen, housewives, farmers, priests, shopkeepers, and teenagers are soon ripping off each others' clothes and partying in the street.

Platt notes that he wrote the book in an attempt to exorcise his own British Inhibitions before he finally gave up on his homeland and emigrated to the United States. The Gas bears no resemblance to the author's current work for respected publications such as Wired magazine. Still, Its iconoclastic energy and its Insistence on violating every social norm have earned it a unique, enduring status. Not For Sate To Minora.

1995, 5H X 8H, 200pp, soft cover.
THE GAS: $12.95

Stoned Free

How to Get High Without Drugs

by Patrick Wells with Douglas Rushkoff

‘Stoned Free is a rollicking encyclopedia of multisensory methods for simulating neurotransmissions. AH legal, so far. ’ — Dr. Timothy Leary

‘Stoned Free is the best book yet on how to expand your consciousness without going to ¡ail for it."

— Robed Anton Wilson

Now you can fust say “No!" to drugs... and get high anyway! Patrick Wells and Douglas Rushkoff explain how In Stoned Free: How to Get High Without Drugs, their ground-breaking treatise that Is essential reading for those psychic explorers among us who want to avoid Incarceration, save money, and skip the wear and tear on their bodies... yet still yeam to cop a buzz.

Stoned Free expounds on this topic by enumerating several consciousness-altering techniques — some of which are timeless In origin, while others have been made possible by recent technological and medical advances that the ordinary citizen can employ to attain states of awareness which transcend reality as It is normally perceived... In other words, How to Get High Without Drugs!

team how to enhance your cognitive horizons through:


Breathing techniques

Musical and dance regimens

Deprivation methods

Physical therapies


Consciousness-raising programs

High-tech highs

Communing with nature

Sleep and dream manipulations

Concepts of synchronicity

And much, much, more.

So read up, wise up, and get up... naturally! Stoned Free provides the answers for those who want to learn How to Get High Without Drugs!

1995, 5Hx6H, 160pp, Illustrated, softcover.

The Rape of the American Constitution

by Chuck Shiver

We used to bo a free nation... before The Rape Of The American Constitution! In one of the most scathing diatribes ever penned, author Chuck Shiver describes the systematic deflowering of the American Constitution's most fundamental principles. Shiver traces the history and pattern of the Improper U.S. Supreme Court decisions, uninformed legislation and executive Improprieties which have resulted in a complete undermining of the beliefs and ideals upon which the United States of America was founded.

Is the American Constitution a worthless piece of paper? That's what it has become, according to Shiver. He details the conditions that led to the crafting of the American Constitution, quite possibly the most amazing document In modem history. Then Shiver describes, by examining examples of Its abuse, The Rape Of The American Constitution.

This book contains:

• The Constitution's background including: the nature of power, the Colonial crisis with Great Britain, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention and the Bill of Rights.

• A detailed analysis of the plundering and violation of the Constitution's every tenet, including chapters on:

  • The Allen and Sedition Acts of 1798

  • Atrocities committed against the Cherokee Nation 1828-1838

  • The Secession of 1860

  • Johnson's 1868 Impeachment

  • The Bonus March of 1932

★ Japanese-American Internment in 1942

  • McCarthyism 1950-54

  • The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

  • 1973's Roe v. Wade Decision

  • Boston Busing in 1974

  • Gun Control in 1989

  • 1989’s War On Drugs

  • Flag Burning 1989-90

  • The income tax and the I.R.S. in 1990

  • Taxation by Federal Judges In 1990

  • Affirmative discrimination In the 1990s

  • and much morel

You won't soon forget this caustic commentary on the decline and fall of our American rights and freedoms that has resulted In The Rape Of The American Constitution!

1995, 5Ü x8H, 334pp, illustrated, Indexed, softcover.

"...the cover was unnecessarily provocative... the worst book that I have ever read." — Association of Libertarian Feminists


A Novel

by Jacquln Sanders

Loompanics Unlimited proudly announces a first for us — the first novel to be published by our company: a reprinting of a brilliant and compelling tale of the individual against the forces of conformity. First published in 1954 to widespread praise (see excerpts from reviews, below), Freakshow has remained undeservedly unknown — until now.

F/wArs/KJH'is the powerful story of Bat Fidler, a lonely drifter whose search for excitement leads him to accept a job with a carnival sideshow. The moment that he joined the carnival he was attracted to two sideshow “freaks': the beautiful but deformed Fish Girl and Emmy, a pretty young stripper.

A misfit even among freaks, Bat falls In love with the Fish Girl, wile of the carnival's jealous manager. Against his will, Bat finds himself drawn... first into the Fish Girt's trailer... then Into her arms... and finally Into an act of violence which brings his amazing camy career to a startling endl

When 'normal' people force him back into the "normal“ world, Bat discovers a freakshow of another kind: in the hypocrisy and lust that masquerade as love!

Excerpts from reviews:

'Harsh with the glaring quality of a cheap carnival this novel is the story of a man who becomes involved with the people styled freaks' in sideshows. Bat Fidler is a lonely drifter who is his own worst enemy. He finds himself a place in carnival life as a wrestler and soon he is the center of a nightmare of love and violence, tom by the unnatural lure of the Fish Giri.'— Tulsa World

•Judging by the throngs at freak shows, this first novel should do well al Ihe literary box office. It manages to capture the gaudy carnival flavor and Is peopled by such physical misfits as Fish Boy, Tattoo Joe, Egghead and the Texas Giant... Sanders Is a writer of promise." — Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Wherever Bat goes in the universal freakshow, he finds that without love there are only freakishness and violence... In these bizarre settings, Bat's struggles against brute cruelly and hypocrisy, against his own dread of abnormality, make it a compelling story." — New York Herald Tribune

"Jacquin Sanders... writes knowledgeably and powerfully of carnival life and sensitively of carnival people. Mr. Sanders will make you sweat." — The New York Times

“A disturbing, shocking book."— Dallas Times-Herald

"Told with a strength which startles and horrifies." — Time and Tide

Ladies and gentlemen, Loompanics Unlimited is very proud to present an astonishing accomplishment: Jacquin Sanders' Freakshow.

1954, 5H X 8U, 242pp, *ott cover.

The Hitchhiker's Handbook

by James MacLaren

Hitchhiking is an American
institution... yet very few people
know how to do it correctly and
efficiently. In The Hitchhiker's
long-time hitchhiker
James MacLaren provides the
neophyte vagabond thumber with
a complete, indispensable guide
to the ways and means of traveling
for free on the open roadl

The Hitchhiker's Handbook,
written in the street-wise
vernacular and style of America's
free-wheeling road explorers,
provides well-crafted, informative
instructions on: b How Io dress for
hitchhiking success b What to
take with you b Where to position
yourself alongside the road b Body
language and general com-

portment b Expedient sign-making b How to avoid trouble with the police b Emergency sleeping resources b How Io generate repeat rides b Dealing with unforeseen occurrences b Sex on Ihe road b Advanced hitchhiking lips b And much more.

Whether you’re making an emergency commute to work after your car breaks down or planning an extended unbudgeled Investigation of Ihe world's highways and byways, no one who intends Io hang their thumb in the breeze and troll for a free ride should be without The Hitchhiker's Handbook.

1995, 5!i x 8H, 145pp, soft cover.

-Question Authority.


Asshole No More

A Self-Help Guide for Recovering Assholes — and Their Victims

by Xavier Crement, M.D.

if you can't think of at least 12 people to give this book to, then don't buy it. (Someone else will probably give it to you.)

Until recently, it was almost impossible to find anyone in the healing profession who would take the disease of assholism seriously. Compulsively rude treatment of others was viewed only as a character flaw, not as an addiction over which the asshole had no real control. We believed that assholes were assholes because they didn't know any better.

All of this Is rapidly changing, thanks Io the ground-breaking work of Dr. Xavier Crement, as told in this brilliant overview, Asshole No More. Dr. Crement had already established his reputation in proctology when he came to the realization that he was an asshole. He sought help to overcome his affliction, but could not find any. Now, as a recovering asshole, he has switched to the practice of psychiatry and devoted his life to helping other assholes find help and a new life.

Chapters include: o Defining Assholism o The Essence of Assholism o The Run-of-the-Mill Asshole □ The Three-Piece Asshole o The Litigious Asshole o When Society Becomes an Asshole o Reading, Writing & Assholism o Assholism in the Media o The Tore Epidemic o Living With Assholes o Working With Assholes o The Bom Asshole o Adult Children of Asshole Parents o The Road to Recovery o And much, much more.

1990, 5H x8H, 190pp, softcover.

Practical Lsd Manufacture

by Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester has done it again! The underground mastermind of outlaw chemistry and psychedelic cookery has provided up-and-coming Owsley-wannabes with Practical LSD Manufacture, the most detailed, comprehensive and concise description ever of several of the methods employed in the preparation of lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, from natural sources. Uncle Fester also offers a break-through in psychedelic literature: a simple process for extracting the hallucinogenic drug TMA-2 from the commonly-grown calamus plant.

Practica! L SD Manufacture contains :

a An overview of LSD Manufacture

▲ Natural sources of the lysergic amides, including harvesting procedures for ergot-infested rye and Spartina marsh-grass

a An interpretation of LSD-progenitor Albert Hofmann’s patented “one- pot shot" method of LSD synthesis, plus purification and storage techniques

a A never-before-published presentation of “Method X,“ wherein a propionic anhydride mixes with lysergic acid, allowing for a much-improved synthesis

a A section on solvent management, a crucial but often overlooked detail all chemists should be aware of

a How to manufacture the hallucinogen 2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA-2) from the calamus root

a Detailed growing, harvesting and availability information on the calamus plant

a Cautionary notes on keeping out of trouble

a And much, much more!

Uncle Fester says: “I can think of no other area of organic chemistry which, to we common working pot-boilers, is shrouded in as much mystery, or is as thoroughly obfuscated as the production of LSD. The scientific articles dealing with this topic are barely readable by the typical person with an undergraduate degree in chemistry. They assume a level of understanding of the arcane field of lysergic chemistry not generally possessed by even those skilled in the ’cooking arts.'

“The 'underground publications' covering this topic have done little to clean up this situation. They have merely regurgitated the original unintelligible works until they have become like mantras, repeatedly chanted and not understood.

“It is here that this book shall break new ground. Rather than presenting this field as a magic act, the sources of lysergic acid raw materials In nature shall be detailed, and their mystery removed. The processes required to isolate this raw material and move it on in pure form lo LSD shall be expounded upon. Common threads shall be drawn between the various procedures lo show what variations in technique are acceptable, and which produce the disappointing commercial product we are all loo often cursed with."

Loompanics Unlimited is proud to offer our readers Uncle Fester’s complete, illustrated guide for anyone who is interested in Practical LSD Manufacture! Sold for information purposes only.

1995, 5M X 8H, 119pp, Illustrated, softcover.

The South Was Right!

by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy

Not for the weak-at-heart, The South Was R/ght!\s an authoritative and documented study of the mythology behind Civil War history and its lasting effects on contemporary society. The authors exhibit evidence that the South was an independent country invaded, captured, and still occupied by a vicious aggressor. The needless bloodshed of the War for Southern Independence now contrasts with many of the present-day secessions without bloodshed throughout the world.

Much of Civil War history is untrue. Like most history it Is written by the victor. The story told is that millions of Southern men went to war over an issue that only affected 6 percent of the population. Such absurdity is readily seen. The deception must not continue.

Read this book and learn the truth. There was no shining Northern force fighting a moral battle for the sake of ending slavery. There was no oppressive Southern force fighting to preserve it, either. After the South declared its independence, the Union ruthlessly invaded, leaving Southerners no choice but to defend themselves. Unfortunately, they lost that struggle and have suffered for nearly a century and a half because of it.

The South has become an economic colony of the North, used and exploited like colonies throughout the world. Politically, the North still controls the government and continues to impose its social agenda on the rest of the country at the expense of individual liberty. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, the first federal department to infringe upon the rights of sovereign stales, continues to suppress any efforts to reclaim liberty for the Individual from the federal government.

Today, as a result of the war in which the South lost its right to be a free country, Northern politics still reign with an iron fist. The Southern people are second-class citizens in a despotic society where fraudulent political maneuvers, oppressive acts, and unfair legislation continue as acts of ethnic cleansing to obliterate all symbols of their history and heritage.

Sure to be one of the most controversial books of the decade, The South Was Right! is an attempt to set the record straight. The South Was Right! Is sure to raise eyebrows and questions and draw fire from a number of special-interest groups. But the authors maintain, through rigorous research, how the South had a legal precedent to secede and a right to defend its borders. Even today it has just as much reason to reclaim its liberty as the people of Poland, the Baltic states, Palestine, and the states and provinces of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia have done for themselves. Southerners should read this book with a sense of urgency and obligation to the past. Others should read it with open minds. Leave this book out on your coffee table and watch your guests turn pale.

1994, 6x9, 448pp, photos. Indexed, hardcover.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

Revised and Expanded Third Edition

by Uncle Fester

A brand-new, revised and expanded edition ol one of our best-selling 'cookbooks,* including a recipe for the hot new drug, methcathinone, or 'cat.' Here's what Uncle Fester has to say about the new Third Edition:

'The world of amphetamine manufacture is an Increasingly complicated and profitable place. An unending tide of rules and regulations continue to sweep the land, making materials useful lor the home manufacture of drugs over more difficult to obtain. The infiltration of the populace with over greater numbers of police Informants continues unabated. It is Into this environment that I bring forth the Third Edition of Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture.

'In such an environment, the aspiring manufacturer must be prepared to start cooking using over the counter materials which will never be denied the public duo to their value to monlod and powerful interests. I, for one, see little likelihood that products such as off-the-shelf diet pills and cold remedies will be successfully routed from the store shelves just to fight another futile round of the Drug War.

‘As my contribution to this Drug War. I launch for you the Third Edition of Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. Great emphasis has boon placed upon the use of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and hardware store chemicals as starting materials. Simple and tested procedures are presented which effectively convert OTC garbago into high- octane, very pure human rocket fuel.

'My very special treat lor you in this edition Is Iho most easily home manufactured drug of all time, the very onjoyablo methamphetamine analog, Methcathinone (CAT) — Kllchon Improvised Crank. You will be very pleased, I'm sure.' — Uncle Fester

Speed, crank, wire, cat, crystal meth, ice, ecstasy... This is the most amazing, step-by-step, how-to-do-lt book on the manufacture of methamphetamine ever printed. The result ol over a decade of research and experimentation, this book is not meant to encourage anyone to break the law; rather, it points out the ultimate futility of government prohibition of ‘controlled substances* by showing just how easily these substances can be manufactured.

Every step of methamphetamine manufacture is covered, from procuring the necessary chemicals and lab equipment to keeping out of trouble with Ihe law. The author has gone to pains Io determine which chemical purchases are being monitored by the bureaucrats. The unavailability of certain chemicals means manufacturing processes have been revised from previous editions to take advantage of those chemicals still available.

Chapters include:

• Chemicals and Equipment • The Leuckardt-Wallach Reaction: An Overview • Preparation of Phenylacotone • Preparation of N- Melhylformamide • Making Methamphetamine • Industrial-Scale Production • Other Methods of Making Phonylacetone • A New Breakthrough: Phenylacetone from Allylbonzono • The Way of the Bomb • Reductive Alkylation Without the Bomb • Methylamine • The Ritter Reaction: Amphetamines Directly from Allylbonzene • Methamphetamine from Ephedrine • Mothcalhlnone: Kitchen Improvised Crank • MDA, XTC, and other Psychedelic Amphetamines • And much, much more.

’Controlled substances* laws are being used to violate Ihe civil rights of American citizens. This book demonstrates the absurdity of all such laws by showing just how easily these substances can be manufactured. Sold for informational purposes only.

1994, 5H x Sri, 203pp, Illustrated, soft cover.

MANUFACTURE (Third Edition): $24.95

You Are Going to Prison

by Jim Hogshire

There's no doubt about it. You saw the flashing red lights, you found a good attorney, you even beggod for mercy. Now You Are Going To Prison and there's not a damn thing you can do about it... except learn how to make the time go easier.

Jim Hogshire guides you through the correctional system, pointing out all the dangers and scams, loading you toward Ihe safest path. If you or a loved one are about to be swallowed up by Ihe system, you need this Information If you hope to come out whole. Topics covered include: Custody: Dealing with police •

Why you should sometimes tell

the cops exactly where your slash Is • Handling confrontations in jail • Making bail • And much more.

Trial: Why public defenders are often Ihe best attorneys • How to plea bargain • Mike Tyson's second biggest mistake • The importance of the pre-trial sentencing report • And much more.

Prison: Rape: Everything you ever wanted to know, and some stuff youll wish you didn't • Improvised weapons, including zip guns, knives and torchings • The best prison jobs • Selling food and drugs, and other prison hustles • Toilet bowl wine • And much more.

Jailhouse Justice: Your rights in prison • Segregation and 'Marionlzatlon,' some ol the cruelosl punishments evor infliclod on human beings • Filing grievances and lawsuits • And much more.

Execution: Life on death row • Deathwalch, a minuto-by-mlnuto account of a convict's last days • Lethal Injection • Electrocution • Gas chambers • Hanging • And much more.

You Are Going To Prison Is the most accurate, no-bullshil guide to prison life we have ever seen. You don't want Io read this book unless you're going to do time, because you won't be able to got the sickening images out of your head.

1994, 5ri x Sri, 185 pp, index, soft cover.

'Planning to embezzle a couple mH from your company's pension plan? Hold up a bank? Kill your wife’s lover? Chances are you'll end up doing time, and if Jim Hogshire's You Are Going To Prison is any indication, it won't be a country dub. (in fact, there are only two "country dub"prisons, says Hogshire — Allenwood, Pennsylvania, the other in Elgin, Florida.) Based on inside information from prisoners who have endured long sentences in such ominous institutions as the federal maximum-security prison in Marion, Indiana, the book provides prospective inmates with a step-by-step guide to incarceration, beginning with arrest and ending — at least in some unfortunate cases — with the administration of the death penalty. '— Esquire, January 1995

‘From your first contad with a policeman to what you will feet when you die In the gas chamber, Hogshire covers almost everything you need to know. "— Factsheet Five, *54

Important reading for anybody new on the inside and anybody on the outside still naive Io the grave consequences of getting caught for breaking the law.'—Talking Raven

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