Title: Piece Now
Topic: Fight
Notes: Last updated: 26 February 2011

It's ridiculous to talk about a revolution without a few words on guns. If you haven't been in the army or done some hunting, you probably have a built-in fear against guns that can only be overcome by familiarizing yourself with them.

NOW, is the time to purchase any weapons you have been considering purchasing. After every shooting or terror scare the gun control debate always starts back up. The assault rifle ban may also very well be re-passed in a stronger form. Even if there is no new ban look at where we are now in terms of freedom, an armed population has made little difference so far, don't let open gun shops put you to sleep.

This section is intended for thorough readers and morally conscious citizens. There is often quite a bit of concern whenever non-military citizens become aware of or are trained about potentially dangerous or subversive knowledge.

The fact is, the world is a dangerous place. Not every problem we encounter involves pretty colors and goofy dragons. It is curious that attention is being paid to our disseminating this information, when there are numerous criminals, convicted and otherwise, in charge of state-of-the-art military weaponry around the world.

With America and various other nations using their military might to coerce innocent people and force submission according to their own greedy whims, the last place attention should be focused is on us.

We trust this information with the average American citizen much more than we do with these current criminals in office.





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