First Phase (1970)

Steal This Book Introduction

Author: Abbie Hoffman

Date: December, 1970

Source: <https://stealthiswiki.com/library/steal-this-book-1st-edition>

It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail- that graduate school of survival. Here you learn how to use toothpaste as glue, fashion a shiv out of a spoon and build intricate communication networks. Here too, you learn the only rehabilitation possible-hatred of oppression.

Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It preaches jailbreak. It shows you where exactly how to place the dynamite that will destroy the walls. The first section-SURVIVE!-lays out a potential action program for our new Nation. The chapter headings spell out the demands for a free society. A community where the technology produces goods and services for whoever needs them, come who may. It calls on the Robin Hoods of Santa Barbara Forest to steal from the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism. It implies that the reader already is "ideologically set," in that he understands corporate feudalism as the only robbery worthy of being called "crime," for it is committed against the people as a whole. Whether the ways it describes to rip-off shit are legal or illegal is irrelevant. The dictionary of law is written by the bosses of order. Our moral dictionary says no heisting from each other. To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral.

Community within our Nation, chaos in theirs; that is the message of SURVIVE!

We cannot survive without learning to fight and that is the lesson in the second section. FIGHT! separates revolutionaries from outlaws. The purpose of part two is not to fuck the system, but destroy it. The weapons are carefully chosen. They are "home-made," in that they are designed for use in our unique electronic jungle. Here the uptown reviewer will find ample proof of our "violent" nature. But again, the dictionary of law fails us. Murder in a uniform is heroic, in a costume it is a crime. False advertisements win awards, forgers end up in jail. Inflated prices guarantee large profits while shoplifters are punished. Politicians conspire to create police riots and the victims are convicted in the courts. Students are gunned down and then indicted by suburban grand juries as the trouble-makers. A modern, highly mechanized army travels 9,000 miles to commit genocide against a small nation of great vision and then accuses its people of aggression. Slumlords allow rats to maim children and then complain of violence in the streets. Everything is topsy-turvy. If we internalize the language and imagery of the pigs, we will forever be fucked. Let me illustrate the point. Amerika was built on the slaughter of a people. That is its history. For years we watched movie after movie that demonstrated the white man's benevolence. Jimmy Stewart, the epitome of fairness, puts his arm around Cochise and tells how the Indians and the whites can live in peace if only both sides will be reasonable, responsible and rational (the three R's imperialists always teach the "natives"). "You will find good grazing land on the other side of the mountain," drawls the public relations man. "Take your people and go in peace." Cochise as well as millions of youngsters in the balcony of learning, were being dealt off the bottom of the deck. The Indians should have offed Jimmy Stewart in every picture and we should have cheered ourselves hoarse. Until we understand the nature of institutional violence and how it manipulates values and mores to maintain the power of the few, we will forever be imprisoned in the caves of ignorance. When we conclude that bank robbers rather than bankers should be the trustees of the universities, then we begin to think clearly. When we see the Army Mathematics Research and Development Center and the Bank of Amerika as cesspools of violence, filling the minds of our young with hatred, turning one against another, then we begin to think revolutionary.

Be clever using section two; clever as a snake. Dig the spirit of the struggle. Don't get hung up on a sacrifice trip. Revolution is not about suicide, it is about life. With your fingers probe the holiness of your body and see that it was meant to live. Your body is just one in a mass of cuddly humanity. Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life. Make war on machines, and in particular the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them. The duty of a revolutionary is to make love and that means staying alive and free. That doesn't allow for cop-outs. Smoking dope and hanging up Che's picture is no more a commitment than drinking milk and collecting postage stamps. A revolution in consciousness is an empty high without a revolution in the distribution of power. We are not interested in the greening of Amerika except for the grass that will cover its grave.

Section three - LIBERATE! - concerns itself with efforts to free stuff (or at least make it cheap) in four cities. Sort of a quick U.S. on no dollars a day. It begins to scratch the potential for a national effort in this area. Since we are a nation of gypsies, dope on how to move around and dig in anywhere is always needed. Together we can expand this section. It is far from complete, as is the entire project. Incomplete chapters on how to identify police agents, steal a car, run day-care centers, conduct your own trial, organize a G.I. coffee house, start a rock and roll band and make neat clothes, are scattered all over the floor of the cell. The book as it now stands was completed in the late summer of 1970. For three months manuscripts made the rounds of every major publisher. In all, over 30 rejections occurred before the decision to publish the book ourselves was made, or rather made for us. Perhaps no other book in modern times presented such a dilemma. Everyone agreed the book would be a commercial success. But even greed had its limits, and the IRS and FBI following the manuscript with their little jive rap had a telling effect. Thirty "yeses" become thirty "noes" after "thinking it over." Liberals, who supposedly led the fight against censorship, talked of how the book "will end free speech."

Finally the day we were bringing the proofs to the printer, Grove consented to act as distributor. To pull a total solo trip, including distribution, would have been neat, but such an effort would be doomed from the start. We had tried it before and blew it. In fact, if anyone is interested in 4,000 1969 Yippie calendars, they've got a deal. Even with a distributor joining the fight, the battle will only begin when the books come off the press. There is a saying that "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one." In past eras, this was probably the case, but now, high speed methods of typesetting, offset printing and a host of other developments have made substantial reductions in printing costs. Literally anyone is free to print their own works. In even the most repressive society imaginable, you can get away with some form of private publishing. Because Amerika allows this, does not make it the democracy Jefferson envisioned. Repressive tolerance is a real phenomenon. To talk of true freedom of the press, we must talk of the availability of the channels of communication that are designed to reach the entire population, or at least that segment of the population that might participate in such a dialogue. Freedom of the press belongs to those that own the distribution system. Perhaps that has always been the case, but in a mass society where nearly everyone is instantaneously plugged into a variety of national communications systems, wide-spread dissemination of the information is the crux of the matter. To make the claim that the right to print your own book means freedom of the press is to completely misunderstand the nature of a mass society. It is like making the claim that anyone with a pushcart can challenge Safeway supermarkets, or that any child can grow up to be president.

State legislators, librarians, PTA members, FBI agents, church-goers, and parents: a veritable legion of decency and order already is on the march. To get the book to you might be the biggest challenge we face. The next few months should prove really exciting.

Obviously such a project as Steal This Book could not have been carried out alone. Izak Haber shared the vision from the beginning. He did months of valuable research and contributed many of the survival techniques. Carole Ramer and Gus Reichbach of the New York Law Commune guided the book through its many stages. Anna Kaufman Moon did almost all the photographs. The cartoonists who have made contributions include Ski Williamson and Gilbert Sheldon. Tom Forcade, of the UPS, patiently did the editing. Bert Cohen of Concert Hall did the book's graphic design. Amber and John Wilcox set the type. Anita Hoffman and Lynn Borman helped me rewrite a number of sections. There are others who participated in the testing of many of the techniques demonstrated in the following pages and for obvious reasons have to remain anonymous. There were perhaps over 50 brothers and sisters who played particularly vital roles in the grand conspiracy. Some of the many others are listed on the following page. We hope to keep the information up to date. If you have comments, law suits, suggestions or death threats, please send them to: Dear Abbie P.0. Box 213, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10003. Many of the tips might not work in your area, some might be obsolete by the time you get to try them out, and many addresses and phone numbers might be changed. If the reader becomes a participating researcher then we will have achieved our purpose.

Watch for a special edition called Steal This White House, complete with blueprints of underground passages, methods of jamming the communications network and a detailed map of the celebrated room where according to Tricia Nixon, "Daddy loves to listen to Mantovanni records, turn up the air conditioner full blast, sit by the fireplace, gaze out the window to the Washington Monument and meditate on those difficult problems that face all the peoples of this world."

December, 1970 Cook County Jail Chicago

"Free speech is the right to shout 'THEATER!' in a crowded fire." -a Yippie Proverb

Second Phase (2005)

Wiki Introduction

Author: firsty

Date: Web Capture on Nov 25 2006

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20061125234926/http://stealthiswiki.nine9pages.com/index.php?title=Introduction>

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors." - Thomas Jefferson

I’ve never been one for hippies. I don’t mean hippies as a name, because, of course, Abbie Hoffman was a Yippie, not a Hippie. But as a generation, I have always thought, the youth movement of the late sixties and early seventies, most commonly referred to as the hippies, have failed this nation greatly.

Those young men and women back then had tremendous courage. They risked their freedom and often their lives in order to force our government and our country to have to recognize decency and intelligence. It’s not right that our government had to be forced into such seemingly common decency, and up until a few years ago, we seemed surprised that our elected officials and decent American citizens could ever have been so wrong. And yet, here we are again.

When I was growing up in ordinary suburban America in the nineteen eighties, I idolized the everyman players of the sixties. Wavy Gravy, Bobby Seale, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc. I listened to The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dylan, The Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash. I read every Doonesbury comic strip since the ones published at his Yale newspaper while he was a student there. I was also fascinated with the history of the war in Vietnam. This fascination was recognized and possibly validated when my mother offered to take me to see Oliver Stone’s “Platoon.” I read First Blood, and one of the first courses I took during my freshman year at the University at Buffalo was a third-year course called “The Literature of Vietnam.”

And it wasn’t just me. Everywhere we looked, we found sixties nostalgia madness.

But it turns out that it really was simply cultural nostalgia.

Where are the hippies now? I don't mean, let's blame them because they are old and aren't on the cutting edge anymore. But, seriously, I can tell you where the hippies are. They are driving Volvos and living in McMansions. They are investing heavily in the stock market upon which Mr. Hoffman and his gang threw money back in the day. "All You Need Is Love" is featured in an ad for money-making credit cards.

George W. Bush grew up in the sixties, and, make no mistake, the baby boomers are the ones who voted for him, by and large. This largest generation has given us Enron and the war in Iraq. It's not just the administration, either. It's CEOs, it's false charities, it's a horrible tax system. By now, 30 years after Vietnam, our country should be enjoying the wealth of insight provided by the youth of that era. Instead, we wallow in what has nearly become a failed empire.

We don't want to be an empire in the first place, and I thought, neither did the hippies. And yet, here we are.

I see a nation in profound jeopardy of losing its very point of existing. Despite the failure of the hippies to provide many enduring changes, I find myself looking back to that very youth movement for inspiration.

Granted, it’s simply a different world these days, and in many wonderful ways. It’s easier to get from sea to shining sea these days, and even less necessary. The internet connects us with people in Australia, Egypt and Norway.

We have to embrace our world, this one we live in, not look back or ahead too far. We have to focus on the now. we can't change the past, we can't dwell on the future. But we can improve the future by listening to ourselves now, by always making the right decision, by always standing up for the very real things that we believe in. So instead of ruing the changes in technology and culture, we should be ruing the changes in our freedoms. Our technology has grown, our culture has created new traditions, but our freedoms have been squeezed, our intelligence has been insulted, and our lives have been threatened. And I don’t mean by the terrorists. Let me tell you a story about the terrorists.

I was in the hallway of my lower Manhattan office building on the morning of September 11 when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. It seemed the whole building shook, and it sounded like a bomb went off right downstairs. We had known that a plane had hit the north tower a few minutes earlier, but with the impact of that second hit all the resonance of its meaning dropped like half a million tons of bricks. At that instant we didn’t simply guess, but we knew that we were under some serious attack.

I saw for myself the south tower collapse -1 had to sprint to outrun the rolling ten story wall of dust. I had staff who lost family and friends. I breathed in toxic dust for months serving Guiliani and Bush and the federal administration in their effort to get things “back to normal so the terrorists don’t win.” Ever since then, our administration has done nothing except highlight the obvious differences in our daily lives and try to take advantage of us because of them.

What have we had since that day? Since that day they insisted that everything was ever and for always going to be all right?

  • We were introduced to the Patriot Act. Hundreds of millions of dollars were sunk into Halliburton.

  • We were lied to, baldfaced and criminally, about the military knowledge of a small country in the middle of the desert, despite what I knew when I was growing up, that the United States knew where every silo well was, where every truck moved, within the secretive and high-tech military complex of the Soviet Union, twenty-five years ago.

  • Children, young and old, have been murdered by mechanical weapons aimed by presidents of corporations.

  • Law-abiding groups have been spied on, their rights violated.

  • Freedom of the press has been compromised and directly and openly attacked by our government.

  • Our poorest and most in need were completely and arrogantly ignored by the government and corporations and yet at the same time attacked by right-wing media for having ever been on welfare.

  • Where were the huge corporations coming up with advertisements about how much they’ve donated to Katrina victims? I know I’ve seen that one about Halliburton in the desert...

  • The economic wealth of America, earned on the shoulders of millions of hard-working citizens, is almost completely in the hands of a privileged and deceptive few.

  • Our young men are being recruited into a capitalistic war, and are dying for the government’s betrayal of their patriotic sensibilities.

  • People have been refused their right to vote, including women and blacks, who, even post-first revolution, had to die in order to gain the right.

  • And the best critical commentary comes from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Saturday Night Live, each and all simply comedy shows, filmed in closed studios and vomiting cash to the conglomerate owners.

  • A major part of our actual and existing workforce was declared illegal after decades of implied legality.

  • The control that religious fanaticism has over social and political control hasn’t been this strong in Western Civilization since the thirteen-hundreds, having somehow ignorantly leapfrogged centuries of scientific and philosophical discoveries.

  • And speaking of science, we have scientific proof now that our government and economic leaders are full of blinded and drunk medieval monks. Our planet is melting and instead of being a forest fire of global proportions, it’s been rendered by our system into a lobbyist political capitalistic propaganda game.

Now look at this. Nations firing ultra-modem technological warfare as well as muddy and rusty incoming mortar shells at the children and homes of other nations, well-armed militaries killing each others’ civilians.

And we complain a lot about the news, and rightly so. But we are also very informed, albeit restrictedly so. Even though our citizens are listening to biased information, they are really sitting in front of their televisions, aint they? So in that way, our nation has never been more involved.

They fucked us up pretending that we could prove everything was all right for them. Now they're fucking us up by pretending that nothing will ever be all right again.

The only thing that hasn’t changed since 9/11 is that the government is still fucking us up.

And now they even want to restrict this new technology that is bringing people together, facilitating the communication of the everyman. Even this, even now, the majority of citizens of America are being pushed back upon. They’re pushing back, pushing back, and how much is even left behind us anymore?

So, why this? From someone who thinks the hippies betrayed us, from someone who experienced first-hand the deadly nightmare of international terrorism?


Because we need it. Those most harmed by this new way of America life are the ones least able to communicate anything. The rich are fewer and more removed from the rest of the real world than they’ve ever been.

Look, man, we don’t want to hurt anybody here. But our government doesn’t want many of us to live. But our government is killing its poorest citizens, whether it be in New Orleans, Baghdad or a moth-eaten sleeping bag in a New York City alleyway, in the alleyway of any American city.

I may not agree with every bit of reference in this book, but that is why I’m involved in it. I may not hold values identical to each contributing writer or editor, and in some ways may differ critically, but that is why I’m involved in it, and that is why they are involved in it, too. This isn't about promoting one of those -isms, one of those broad beliefs. This isn't about promoting socialism or communism or capitalism or ism ism ism ism ism. This is about helping fellow citizens who, for a number of reasons and coming from a billion different points of view, feel the need for change. Dramatic change. But not a change to simply one thing, one ism or one source of cash. Rather a 3/4 change to the one original thing, the set of ideas that America was founded upon. The things we want are not new or revolutionary. That this can be considered revolutionary is an (appropriate) insult to our social, political and economic leaders in the first place, and it’s also an insult to us, rightly so.

Here is another not very new idea: citizens have not only the ability but also the responsibility to change things when they are not going well. That is something straight from Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. So this thing we’re in, it’s a thing of all of us. Yours, mine, theirs. And I don’t think they’re going to do anything about it, seeing as it fits them so well.

It’s not us you have to worry about, it’s them.

If you’re poor, you have to worry about them. If you’re a minority, you have to worry about them. If you live paycheck to paycheck, you have to worry about them. If you have children, you have to worry about them. If you like something they don’t like, you have to worry about them. If you believe something they don’t believe in, you have to worry about them. If you don’t have health insurance, you have to worry about them. If you don’t know your rights, you have to worry about them.

But they have one big problem that we don’t have. They have a lot more to lose. They have everything. They own us.

Love live the revolutions, and may gods bless America.

Soft Launch

Title: Steal This Book Part 2

Author: firsty

Date: June 2006

Source: <studioeight.tv/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7479&p=48765>

this is announcement of the soft launch of:

Steal This Wiki:


The goal is to build a collaborative, sort of second edition, update to "Steal This Book," that Yippie handbook written by Abbie Hoffman in 1970. Ultimately, I'd like to have it available for anyone to print, distribute and, of course, steal.

The entire text of "Steal This Book" is displayed on the site, and anyone can visit and add or revise it. The information and format need a lot of work in order to make it relevant to today's America, but I hope to remain true to Hoffman's revolutionary spirit, "Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit."

Despite the original text's references to weapons and violence, this site has been launched by a pacifist (me) who does not advocate violent methods of change. This is a project I've wanted to do for some time. I think the time is right.

This site is intended, however, to support and distribute information that is relevent to this day and age, which can be reasonably defined as one in which Americans are forced to deal with difficult issues, such as a military led by an unwise and unreasonable group of people, and in which we are forced to deal with real and dangerous threats.

Most importantly, there is an enormous part of our population greatly dissatisfied with not only the precise mistakes of our current administration, but also the direction the country is heading in, as defined by lobbyists, corporations and otherwise immoral, greedy and deceptive parties.

And there was a wide range of other important topics covered in the original, such as tips for living free and cheap, where to find medical help, how to protest, etc.

Hopefully as the content on this site evolves, while it is not intended to mirror the original work, it will become a new and similarly useful work, holding true to the spirit of the original, and providing useful information to those who value freedom, peace and justice in this great nation of ours and around the world.

This will be a group effort, so all are invited.

I plan to roll this out to blogs for promotion starting Tuesday, July 4, in celebration of the independence of the great nation of America. Feel free to sign up and get started, because YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!

Lightning Rod


I wish you luck with this project. I think it is a terrific idea. I'll try to help in any way I can.
(You might have to walk me through this wiki thing from the contributor side)

I would love to see this become the new textbook of revolutionary behavior.
Revolution is based on information.

"These words don't make me a poet, these Eyes make me a poet."


the wiki is very easy. you sign up following the links, and then you can edit or discuss each page. dont worry about making mistakes, the wiki keeps track of all the content changes, so it's easy to revert to a previous version if necessary.

once you're signed up, treat it as your own site. you own the content by virtue of your being signed up.

revolution is, in fact, the idea.

and knowing i'm so eager to fight cant make letting me in any easier.


hey hey hey wicked cool yo.

we got a very positive write up at boingboing dot net:

http://www.boingboing.net/2006/07/05/st ... _the_.html

"Firsty has posted the full text of Abbie Hoffman's seminal Steal This Book to a wiki so that it can be collaboratively updated for today's world. Steal This Book was a kind of extended HOWTO for living for free in the American counterculture, with information of scamming or salvaging everything from meals to accommodation to new identities. It was written in a highly engaging, wisecracking style, like Hints from Heloise reinterpreted by Bugs Bunny. I love the idea of producing a contemporary edition."

the site will probably start seeing a lot of traffic now. get in while the gettin's good and start making some contributions!

and knowing i'm so eager to fight cant make letting me in any easier.

well, as a point of interest, the site has made the list of most popular bookmarks on del.icio.us.

on the downside, my host is having a hard time with the traffic, and there are some errors and pages that arent loading. so, if you're experiencing that, please be patient. this should NOT have happened, as the site is fully hosted on my otherwise basically unused domain.

but, theyre working on it.

and knowing i'm so eager to fight cant make letting me in any easier.

Forum Introductions

i'm thirsty

Author: firsty

Date: Feb 22, 2007

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20071110114217/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/viewtopic.php?t=2>


thirsty for freedom, thirsty for change, thirsty for revolution.

i launched this site on july 4, 2005, in celebration of our nation's original declaration of independence. it's old news to declare independence. what we're doing here is producing (another) handbook for independence. anyone can declare it. the hard part is behaving like independent citizens.

this site is here to help.

everything all of you have contributed so far is wonderful. keep up the good work and tell your friends!

Libberator: i gotta say man this is a great site. when i first read your introduction i agreed with it completely. most of my peers don't share my passion for politics or any of this stuff so to find someone who had the same beliefs was great. hopefully one day we'll be able to make a change

firsty: hey libberator. i can sympathize with your situation. i know a lot of people who claim to be revolutionary writers but when it really comes down to it, theyre frightened of change. while on the one hand i'm disappointed that i wasnt able to pull more of my contacts into this project, i'm impressed, grateful and amazed at the contributions made by the select few of which you are a major part.

i believe that the "one day" is quickly approaching when we will make that change. i have to. otherwise i cant sleep at night.

all of my lines are for sharing, including my subject format. steal them as necessary. the last person i ever call to the scene is a cop.

i guess i should do more in the way of introducing myself...

i'm a remarried father of 2 young boys, of whom i have shared custody with my x. born in buffalo, ny, raised upstate, and went to school at the university at buffalo. not a scholar, tho. most of my college days were spent reading, writing and rowing. and getting very, very high.

i live in southern pennsylvania, perhaps one of the most "red" regions of the country. it's a good day when my girl and me can get to philly or baltimore or even nyc for an outing, just to be around normal people.

lived near nyc (hoboken, nj) for 5-6 yrs, during which time 9/11 occurred. i had just finished my first novel, a 1st-person "coming of age" thing that all bad writers must accomplish before moving on to bigger and better things. i have 2 other novels in the works, more or less 1/2-way done.

i've written short stories, essays and poetry that i've performed at readings in DC and nyc, published online and in a few small indie publications (one upcoming). mostly, i'm a writer. i also publish regularly at newsvine and sportingo (and my blog).

i do have a day job at a major international company which should go unnnamed. my professional success bothers me, but it pays the bills until i'm able to make a living off my writing.

i was staying at a hotel in nj last year, on a business trip, when i saw, for the 3rd or 4th time, "steal this movie," and something clicked, and i came up with this idea here.

my life is still relatively hectic. over the fall, i had to use caution on the internet for legal reasons not directly related to this project. but now, i'm as free and clear as one can be these days.

i'm approaching this project from two points of view - literary and political. i find great literary value not only in the original book and the spirit of it, but also in the possibilities that this new project holds. community is everything.

from a political perspective, one of the main reasons america is in this fucked position that we're in is because of simple physics. inertia is real. we're a large nation and it's very difficult to change the direction of the country, because you need the "buy-in" of literally millions of people simply in order to get attention, much less make anything happen.

which is why i believe that a community-created handbook for the new revolution is the only thing which will create enough energy flowing to change the direction of the country. to bring down the system, to break it so it doesnt work. because it's not working now anyway, not for the people. it's only working for those who abuse it.

thats my speech. sorry for getting carried away.

I am root

Author: root

Date: Feb 22, 2007

Source: <https://web.archive.org/web/20071110112603/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/viewtopic.php?t=4>

I'm the administrator of both the wiki and the forums -- that means I handle the technical side of things. If you have a problem with the site, I'll be the one who will train monkeys to fix it.

Unidyne, present and accounted for!

Author: root

Date: Feb 23, 2007

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20071110104512/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/viewtopic.php?t=8>

Being in my 40's, I was born in the 1960's, grew up during that turbulent decade, and saw the rebellious spirit of change become co-opted and commercialized. Tie-dye gave way to polyester, Folk Music and Psychedelica gave way to Disco and AOR, Love Bugs gave way to BMW's, Flower Power gave way to the Me Generation, headshops became Starbucks, and Granola went from something you mixed in your kitchen to something you bought from a multi-national food conglomerate (That probably explains why Punk Rock was so heavily dissed by the mainstream media in the 1980's: The Powers That Be couldn't cash in on the DIY ethic). With Global Warming, Peak Oil and the present world political situation staring us in the collective face, we need Abbie's free and mischevious spirit now more than ever, which is why I'm a frequent poster and avid supporter of this website.

firsty: the spirit never died, but the heroes of the 60s sold out, and laid a new, despicable foundation for the 80s money-grubbing nonsense.

you are my new heroes, all y'all. you're writing the new handbook for revolution. make no mistake.

Main Page

Date: 13 Mar 2007

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20070313221933/http://wiki.stealthiswiki.org/wiki/Main_Page>


  • All scans of the original Steal This Book pages have been thumbnailed. The original pages are still there, and if you click on the thumbnail, you will be able to view the full-resolution page. This has been done to save bandwidth.

  • Big News! We are now hosted at stealthiswiki.org. See? The url is new. You dont need to do anything differently - the old page links still work, they just direct to the new domain.

  • And we've got a new place to discuss things that dont fall into the individual "discussion" pages. Head over to our New Forum and introduce yourself, talk about the site, or whatever. We're glad to have you aboard. If you'd like to promote StealThisWiki elsewhere, please take a look at our Promotion page.

  • Do you have any cool ideas for our logo? We already have a kickass logo, but we're looking for more ideas. After uploading your logo ideas, you can display them on our new Logo Ideas page. Have fun!

  • Please consider becoming active in the all-American efforts to free Josh Wolf.

About This Wiki

A collaborative update of Abbie Hoffman's seminal work, "Steal This Book".

Here is the General Plan.

Get started: Table of Contents

Please make sure you visit our Steal_This_Wiki:Community_Portal

Download the Original pdf. (created by one of our users!)

DIY guide, and pdf, for a more literal pdf hack

Link to original website.


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to your contributions. If you have any questions, please email me at firsty@stealthiswiki.org or post a question on the appropriate discussion page.

One suggestion as a place to get started would be here:



Some things to get you started:

General Guidelines

Who are we?

Things we REALLY need help with (Seriously):

1. We had a very successful launch and we've some great activity so far. For the next step, I'd like to make a list, something we all consider and contribute to, of forums/blogs/news sites that we can reach out to for further collaboration. Most critically, I'd like to focus on these groups:]]

  • Low-income Americans

  • Students, particularly college-age

  • Those traditionally considered "Minorities" - Black, Asian, Native Americans, Hispanic - anyone in America who is being marginalized because of the color of his or her skin.

  • Immigrants, particularly undocumented

This list can be compiled on our new ReachOut page. Once we have a good, full list, we can contact these groups. Thats not to say that we cant invite anyone at any point, because we can!

2. We'd like to create a short web movie that takes new users through the steps of signing up and editing pages. If you have experience with that kind of thing and are willing to help, please email me at firsty@stealthiswiki.org or respond on the discussion page. Thanks!

3. We need help with formatting and some extras for the site itself. Calling all revolutionary geeks! I know for one thing that we need to create an email notification for new users and potentially for writers who need to monitor page changes. Anyone experienced with adding MediaWiki extensions is encouraged to contact me at firsty@stealthiswiki.org or just make a note in the discussion section.

Why was my IP banned?

Because you did something contrary to the spirit of the project.

We dont intend to be liberal with our banning of IPs. But, this is not the place to argue about the appropriateness of this project. This is the place to develop the project. If you have comments about a certain section, please keep them civil, keep them within some realm of focus that demonstrates that you have read the original text and that you somehow appreciate the text for its social and political meaning, and keep them within the discussion pages.

I am more than happy to address specific concerns from people who fundamentally disagree with the project. In those cases, please email the project founder firsty@stealthiswiki.org and he will respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If you don't email him with your fundamental disagreements with the project, and instead post edits to articles that demonstrate your disagreement for the sake of making your point simply public and dramatic, you will be banned as soon as one of the moderators sees it. Disagreement is welcome in both the Talk pages and in the forums Basically, if you vandalize pages to support your view, you'll be banned. If you talk it out like a reasonable person, you won't.

If you feel that you have been banned in error please e-mail webmaster[at]stealthiswiki.org

Note: any attempts to compromise the security of our site, or the security of our members will be reported to your ISP.

Book Launch

Title: Steal This Wiki launches alpha version of Steal This Book for 21st Century

Author: Cory Doctorow

Date: Feb 19, 2008

Source: <boingboing.net/2008/02/19/steal-this-wiki-laun.html>

For the past 18 months, the Steal This Wiki project has been industriously updating Abbie Hoffman's 1971 classic, Steal This Book, and now they're ready to ship. Ploney Almoney sez, "We now have our first alpha available for people to download as ODT or PDF, it is a huge bloated draft with minimal images but we have added just about every survival tip we could think of for shelter alternatives living out of a pack, cooking without a kitchen, escaping the United States, and even making a fabber, plus all of the protest and propaganda distribution in a more useful DIY format. Now we need lots of people to read it and help us get the edits done so it can be sent for printing."

This site is intended to support and distribute information that is relevant to this day and age, which can be reasonably defined as one in which Americans are forced to deal with difficult issues (such as a military led by an unwise and unreasonable group of people) as well as with real and dangerous threats.

Hopefully as the content on this site evolves, it will become a new and useful work, holding true to the spirit of the original, and providing useful information to those who value freedom, peace, and justice.

This site contains the how-to information on everything from how to grow a garden to how to teach a college level class. How many revolutions were about putting the existing means of production into the hands of the people. We have seen that these revolutions, given enough time, always ended with a new power caste abusing the under class. We want to give the means of production for basic needs back into the hands of every person so they can choose to ignore the heavy hand of a government which has melded itself with the mega-businesses in a way that leaves ordinary humans with a voice or a choice.

Link to Steal This Wiki, Link to download PDF of alpha edition

Third Phase (2011)

Main Page

Date: Apr 08, 2011

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20110408021956/http://wiki.stealthiswiki.org/wiki/Main_Page>


Thanks for visiting Steal This Wiki, a collaborative update and rewrite of Abbie Hoffman's seminal work, Steal This Book. And a special welcome to readers of Little Brother, Cory Doctorow's new book ( available for free online), which we are excited to see reference our project.

The project is divided into three major categories.

  • Survive is a primer on basic level survival in tough times. Here, you will find information on everything from how to eat on the cheap, getting through high school, living on the street, knowing about drugs, and much more!

  • Fight is an advanced skills section for use after you have gotten your survival needs taken care of. Topics range from use of firearms, leadership skills, good use of the internet, getting the hell out of dodge, and even petty theft if you are desperate or crazy!

  • Lastly, Liberate is a section on individual cities written from a free spirit's viewpoint. If you are stuck in a small town going nowhere and want to leave for adventure, Free Cities may have some good information for you!

Read it!

You can browse the always-improving wiki online or download it in book format to your computer and print and bind a hard copy. Our already very useful beta release of Steal This Book Today includes both a complete edition (448 pages) and a condensed Survival Edition (138 pages). If you're feeling nostalgic, you can also read the original. But there is still lots of work to do!

Featured Great Articles

Parkour The urban sport that not only keeps you in good shape but turns you into a acrobatic, cop and bad guy evading ninja.

Camping When the homeless shelters are being oppressive assholes and there is no money to pay some asshole landlord, grab a cheap tent and live in the wooded patches!

Free Land Updated a while back with even more information about free land.

Write it!

We look forward to seeing what you can contribute to the project. Just take a quick look at our guidelines and then jump in editing and expanding. Or discuss the project, and related issues, in our forum.

Be sure to keep up with all the latest edits and changes on the Recent Changes page link in the right left hand box where contributors communicate and you can see what we are working on.

You can also help by getting the word out. You can tell others about the site, email out copies of the book, make it available for download in new places, give print copies to friends or others, leave them in libraries, or quote material in new work.

Throughout the wiki, you may find some typos or sentences that are out of place. Some of our contributors may be using shoddy smart phones or ancient laptops with no spell check. Or they may have more enthusiasm than writing skill. If you see something like this, correct away!

Help us! Our site uses quite a bit of bandwidth every day and, since we have no advertisements (and never will), we are completely dependent on donations to keep us afloat. The form on our home page sends donations directly to our hosting provider, where they can only be used for server costs. Thanks in advance!


Questions about the project should be addressed on our forums. There is also a link to the forums is in a box in the upper left hand portion of the wiki page. Someone will be glad to help. Problems with the site should be addressed to root at stealthiswiki.org.

Nov 2011

Bye root

Author: root

Date: Web capture on Dec 3, 2011

Source: <web.archive.org/web/20111203095119/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/viewforum.php?id=3>

I no longer want to administer STW.

I've been keeping the wiki and forum online, but since I never really was connected personally with the project, my role has been pretty much that of an admin. I have no interest in most of the content, no interest in most of the ideals, and no involvement with anything other than running MediaWiki and PunBB scripts.

A couple years back I took over this role (and username) from someone who I understand worked with the founder, but he has long since become detached from the project and doesn't want it back (I've asked.) So I have nobody more senior to pass the role on to.

And I'm tired.

I don't really want to keep maintaining the site.

So, effective immediately, I would like to announce my resignation from the project.

Here's how it will work:

firsty (if you're still around), unidyne and vov35 -- if any of you want to take over the site's content, please post your intent to do so here. I will dump the contents of the wiki (sanitized of usernames, passwords, IP addresses, etc.) and put them up for you to obtain.

1) After you have confirmed that you have a copy, confirm that fact here.

2) In your confirmation post, please post the nameservers that you want me to point the domain to. I will change the NS entries for the domain.

3) I will NOT renew the domain. It expires April 2013, so you have until then to set up your redirects, etc.

4) Once the domain points to your servers, I will purge the content from NFS.

5) I cannot share the NFS account on which this site is hosted. Sorry.

That is all.


eoinog98: Bye bye root! Enjoy your increased free time :P

vov35: I'm probably not very qualified, but if nobody else claims it, then I can do this.

unidyne: I'll help in plucking the weeds and removing the spam.

vov35: Perhaps this content could be transferred more securely, then? I'd like to avoid forcing everybody to re-register, potentially blanking the forums, etc. I guess I can't prove a lack of ill will other than by how long I've been here, so if that's not good enough, I'll work around this.

Nothing on this site is on a paid license right?

I'll have to look into the config files for the wiki software in use; and relearn how to operate an SQL database (I've been meaning to do that anyway).

It's a shame to see you go root, best wishes and enjoy not having to deal with this. :p

Mutant Funk Drink: Hey vov, if you need any help, I have experience with MySQL and stuff like that.

I would like to take charge of the STW, but I'm already working on another wiki project and my life is also busy. But if anyone takes over STW, I offer my technical assistance.

Green1: Thank you for your help, root and your commitment to privacy and freedom of speech.

I just hope we can keep everything going. There is no other site that covers basic survival topics like we do. This project IS relevant.

That said, I have only been around for a little less than two years and editing/banhammering for about a year. All this "distancing" from the project .. I do not get it. What is there to be ashamed of about informing about survival, drugs, and protests? Even the stealing section -which is probably the most controversial - I think we make decent points as to say just stealing to be a deliquent is counterproductive (and possibly deadly)

root: It's not that I'm distancing myself, just that I'm finally talking a bit about my investment (or lack thereof) in the ideals.

I inherited the root identity because I believe that a site such as this deserves its chance at free speech, even though I may not agree with all, most, or some of what it has to say.

My belief in the ideals of the project shouldn't matter in my role as a systems administrator though, hence why I haven't really expressed my thoughts on that much -- it simply isn't relevant. It is relevant in explaining my approaching departure, however. That's why I posted what I did.

"Perhaps this content could be transferred more securely, then?"

IP addresses: no. End of story.

Usernames/passwords: I'm OK with this, provided that FluxBB and MediaWiki use suitably secure hashing methods for their usernames/passwords. If it's an easy-to-attack hash, no, I won't turn over the password hashes. I'll look in to this and let you know.

As far as what you need to know: FluxBB and MediaWiki for the BBS and the wiki.

So far I have vov35 and unidyne as willing, but not confirmed, yes?


keastes: also what you may wish to do root, is offer database dumps, ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia: … e_download, and http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data_dumps for refrence) that would at least solve the username/PW issue, and i think it will remove page history, (not an expert, just reasonably familiar with wikipedia.) so that may be an acceptible alternative.

Mutant Funk Drink: Or just blank all the passwords. This site isn't really that active for it to be a problem, and that way active users can keep their accounts and just change their passwords back after the switch.

But the password hashes are probably salted so I am honestly not worried about them being cracked.

H3mp: I am admin of a few websites including other wikis. I'd like to be involved

vov35: From discussions by email with Unidyne, I believe we've agreed that I will take on this task with their support provided as they get the chance. Thank you for offering Mutant Funk Drink, do you have an email or something I can contact you by?

In fact, I'll accept all help I can get with this, because I'm a busy individual. Uh, email me with your STW username so I know who I'm dealing with, and we'll figure out what we're doing.

Green1: As a precaution, I can start putting the contents of the wiki into Open Office files as a back up. It is going to be a bit tedious of a process for me, but at least we would have files I could upload to say... Google Docs if something happens.

I will have it done by next week as I have been pretty busy lately.

keastes: well dont know if anyone cares at this point, but i have an XML export of STW, just the current revs as of 11/11, tried for history but connection kept timing out, if anyone wants a copy i can mirror somewhere else.

vov35: Root, may I have those files?

Back in town

Source: <https://web.archive.org/web/20111203094936/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/viewforum.php?id=2>


Hey All,
I've been really dormant on the forum for a good while now, mostly due to just being busy. I haven't had a lot of time for internet presence due to being busy with school and projects in the community, but lately I've been trying to find a balance between the two.

I guess some updates as to what I've been up to over the past few years:
Working my ass off with school, but almost done. May even be lucky to have a few job prospects once I'm out.
Been really busy with my local Food Not Bombs chapter.
Fell in love with ecological / post-carbon farming especially in regards to its application for social/food justice.
Was part of a really awesome Anarchist community that has since tragically fallen apart due to infighting and other issues.
Been helping out with the local occupation, but have had to limit my ability to help lately due to school work the past few weeks.
Started a tumblr beneaththesidewalk.tumblr.com

Why I'm Back:
I've been doing a lot more writing lately, and I'm always looking to find places to bounce ideas off of. Lately I've been trying to outline a basic concept of Anarchist Agriculture, and writing about the notorious Tiqqun collective, so expect some posts on that. Also, I honestly did miss this place.

Old friends please let me know what you've been up to!


Hey man! Good to have you back!

Sounds like you really have been busy. The idea of Anarchist Agriculture is an interesting one. I happen to live in a rural/traditional farming community in the Midwest, so if you need any information, I'm happy to help. I'm actually stuck here for a while too, so no hurries, lol. After I finished that school thing I got a job without thinking...now I'm here for three years or so til I can feasibly leave (unless revolution comes in force to the US, heh).

Temporary Removal

Source: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Forum:Steal_this_wiki....stolen%3F

I figured if anyone on the web has heard of Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book, they might pass through here. Well there was actually a wiki dedicated to his book, called Steal This Wiki, and had an extensive collection of information on how to live in, off of, survive, and fight the system (60s-70s left-wing yippies, undergetit?). Steal This Wiki, Rational Wiki, and good ol' Wikipedia are probably the most useful sites for me. So a few days ago, I try to get onto Steal this Wiki. And what do I get? Conservapedia. Conservafuckingpedia. So I try the other links to other parts of the site: still Conservapedia. I try other browsers: Conservapedia. I try other computers on different internet connections: Conshitapedia. Now the site was low budget and run entirely on a few lame donations every few months or so, but I'm not understanding why the Cons suddenly have the keys to what was formerly a left-wing anarchist site. If anyone has any information on how or why the universe frowns upon my soul and the souls of other supporters of Steal This Wiki, please enlighten me.

Fourth Phase (2012)

The website goes down for a few years

Date: May 2012

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20120201035903/http://forum.stealthiswiki.org/

Permanently removed

This site has been taken off-line permanently.

Support the EFF. Fuck SOPA/PIPA and similarly bad bills.

STW Refugees Regroup on Rational Wiki


Puffpuff23: A day late for the anti SOPA/PIPA protests over the internet the wiki "Steal This Wiki" is now "permanently removed" with a redirect that says "Site Permanently Removed, fuck SOPA/PIPA and similarly bad bills". It has been this way for quite a while and I was wondering if anyone has the downloadable version so I can continue reading it. Any link would be helpful or better yet any explanation to why this is happening.

Douglas Barton: I don't know why it was taken down. But I have a download of the site. Contact me douglas.barton (at) gmail.com to get this thing back online, or to get the files I have.

Unidyne: I was a STW contributor

After the routing of STW went to Conservapedia and was then finally restored in October of 2011, I took it upon myself to archive the pages of STW (except for the forums) and store it on a CD-ROM. And, yes, I am one of the contributors, but I'm more of a survivalist than any sort of revolutionary. I also wanted to make certain that the readers didn't end up getting injured, killed, or arrested by doing anything on the wiki.

I was approached by one of the other writers if I had any of the data saved. I sent the data on a thumb drive and said person is probably re-writing the data right now. If/When STW is re-established, the main problem will be spreading the word that it's back and on a new URL.

Until then, check the archive listed above and keep your beans and rice dry.

Green1: UNIDYNE!

Oh my goodness, man... I was hunting for you. I was in contact with Vovka, our forum mod and fellow sysop. Ploney and yourself I did not have contact info for. I was in the middle of practical research of techniques during that whole fiasco. I felt powerless. I have some great stuff to share when we get back running! I did the whole stealth camp thing in a major city undiscovered for months! You guys would have been proud. The place was hidden in plain sight and I was undiscovered for months. It was the extension of the bike trip from Baton Rouge to Texas me and a companion did last year. Keep me abreast of changes. I am looking forward to actually to editing again :) There are those of us that believe in a life of freedom.

edit- I hear you about some of the protest/revolutionary stuff. When I did the massive edit hammer to stuff, I considered moving or severely reorganizing Fight. From reading around forums, most of our readership loved our urban survival articles. The protest stuff, less so. Did not touch it because I wanted to respect the old guard. However, when we get back, I have some great ideas for layout and better organization. I think a new introduction is in order, too, like I mentioned in STW forums long ago. Firsty's angry rant really is not us. And, since he is writing ebooks on sports, I doubt he would mind :)

Unidyne: Green1

Greetings, comrade! It was Vov who requested the data. And, yes, it was sent on a thumb drive (I'm surprised as to how little space all the data from STW takes up).

Great to hear of your use of the information. I learned how to make my own pasta from STW! I'm eagerly awaiting the restart of the wiki, and plan to send out notices to the new URL once it's up. It's good to know some of us are still out there!

Green1: Vovka assuming r00t identity

I found an email buried in spam from him from about a month or so back. Of all the old gaurd, Vov seems like a good choice for the root mantle. He actually believes and contributes to the project and puts it into practice. He kept our forums kicking for a long time. We need the folks to have the keys to the site to be one of us instead of someone who is just along for projects just because. I have given him better contact info in an email if he needs to reach me. Of us that are left, we should really communicate more. Towards the end there of the r00t administration, we were starting to get a bad rep of always begging for money and always on the verge of shutting down. Not that we could do much about it at the time. BTW, I have been researching some of the contributors who where involved in the early days of the project. They had some pretty sharp folks on the roster including a college professor and direct support from Corey Doctorow. They had a falling out around 2 years into the project and not much quality material. A lot of cut/paste was there until some of us later guys got our hands on it. From reading, I am getting the impression that some of the original folks had lots of ego and were pricks to each other instead of writing great stuff. Could be wrong, though. The only stuff they did have was Ploney's pdf release that still lurks around in various places. Thank goodness we are not like that. I think that with Vov, we are going to start booming.

Vovka has hosting

In an email, Vovka is going to start manually copy/pasting from archives. Of course, all good things take time.

Host will still be Nearly Free Speech who we were with in the past. Not that our content was too bad. But still, we are paranoid about butthurt folks screwing with us. We have stuff about shoplifting and even (semi) violent stuff and legal highs. That is not all there is to it. There is great stuff if you get down and out and need to rise again. I would take our stuff over some canned web content article by some journalism major sitting behind a desk driving her SUV. We just present all options and let other folks decide. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Thank you guys at Rational Wiki for being kind to us. Actually, I am learning stuff from you guys. I think STW will be a better wiki after hanging around here.

Conservapedia Troll: War against STW

A war is being waged against Stealthiswiki and the original members. As long as rationalwiki continues to host such material and STW fugitives, it will be harassed into uselessness with a barrage of escalating attacks starting with minor annoyances and ending in utter disaster. You still have time to purge yourself of such rats before TSHTF. Any who stand in the way will become casualties. That is all.


June 2012‎

Anonymous: Vovka has been arrested

In an email I received, I was informed of Vovka's arrest. FBI agents arrested Vovka outside his house. Apparently he was busted in an internet sting which led to a warrant to search his house. Combing his house, the agents found a large number of bomb components, numerous handwritten journal pages that included bomb-making instructions and descriptions of various crimes he committed and one live bomb. He is being held without bail on charges of domestic terrorism as well as various other lesser charges. If you wish to donate to his defense fund, respond and I will make arrangements via email.

Tmtoulouse: Tell us more! Have a name? Article?

Green1: Hmmm... makes sense. He did have a run in a while back for shoplifting. I would not recommend sending money to random, undocumented sources, either. Oh well. Oh, and sorry if some of the mods of this wiki had to deal with lame vandalizers. We had a very rough time with them when the wiki was open for some reason. Not sure if it is some basement dweller or a former contributor that got butthurt because they could not read our guidelines. They seem to follow us wherever we go. I guess it is good to have stalkers - but not that kind. That said, just get in touch with me if you other sysops want to do something between the rest of us.

Oct 2012

Vovka: Hello, I am vovka.

I was arrested, but not by FBI, and not on such a high level. There was a terrorism investigation, but only by Maryland State, to the best of my knowledge. I'm certainly not in indefinite detainment at present. I'm going to have to step back from the project, as I'm simply under too much observation, surveillance, and heat. I will continue to contribute if anyone manages to get the wiki back on it's feet.

There were no pipebombs and no hand written papers. This is false, but I can see how rumors could have turned it into that. It's good to know that someone on the internet missed me :p

I don't know how to post in the forum thread, I don't see any relevant buttons and I'm new to rational wiki. Hopefully someone will read the talk page! And uh, to rationalwiki, thank you for providing room to discuss the state of affairs of our wiki.

Edit: I'm aware of at least three or four people still interested in the project, Unlocking the thread or something would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Vov35

Steal this fandom (2014)

A person called Sam uploads many of the pages to ‘Steal this fandom’, but in return for free hosting the site is plastered with pop up advertisements.


Main Page


Table of Contents

Thanks for visiting Steal This Wiki, a collaborative update and rewrite of the great and infamous Abbie Hoffman's seminal work, Steal This Book. A guide about everything, from ways to survive or entertain yourself in the major cities of the world, to free medical care, including dealing with pregnancies, to revolutionary skills and homemade defense/disruption tools, such as explosives, or public speaking and distribution of free media, even learning to cook. The value of this book could never be overstated, that goes double for this wiki.

Steal This Wiki used to be located at http://wiki.stealthiswiki.org/. Unfortunately, it was taken down at the end of 2011. Fortunately, the entirety of it was archived as a static copy, but it saddened me to see great amounts of work and research be left sitting on a unstable, unchangeable, Dropbox file. In fact I was really surprised to discover that no other Steal This Wiki reboots existed. A wiki is exactly the kind of thing Steal This Book was meant to be written on, something that everyone can help build and change and update information on. If a wiki isn't one of the best representation of what Racialist/Anarchist/Yippie values are, then I'm sure it was something that was already fucked up by one of those great greedy bastards from Mars already.

Right now most of what we are doing is re-hosting the old pages here and connecting links, a pretty easy job frankly. Right here is the link to the Dropbox, and here is a simple guide to making sure the page conforms to guidelines. Soon enough though we'll be in the real work of bringing the book completely up to date, and writing whole new articles and guides.

Our project is divided into the three same categories Hoffman's book was. This doesn't mean that new sections can't be added though. We'd like to add a section with info on the many kinds of societies, or methods of living after a revolution.

Survive is a primer on basic level survival in tough times. Here, you will find information on everything from how to eat on the cheap, getting through high school, living on the street, knowing about drugs, and much more!

Fight is an advanced skills section for use after you have gotten your survival needs taken care of. Topics range from use of firearms, leadership skills, good use of the internet, getting the hell out of dodge, and even petty theft if you are desperate or crazy!

Lastly, Liberate is a section on individual cities written from a free spirit's viewpoint. If you are stuck in a small town going nowhere and want to leave for adventure, Free Cities may have some good information for you!

Read it!

You can browse the always-improving wiki online or download it in book format to your computer and print and bind a hard copy. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can also read the original. But there is still lots of work to do!

Featured Great Articles

Parkour The urban sport that not only keeps you in good shape but turns you into a acrobatic, cop and bad guy evading ninja.

Camping When the homeless shelters are being oppressive assholes and there is no money to pay some asshole landlord, grab a cheap tent and live in the wooded patches!

Free Land Updated a while back with even more information about free land.

Write it!

We look forward to seeing what you can contribute to the project. Just take a quick look at our guidelines and then jump in editing and expanding. Or discuss the project, and related issues.

Be sure to keep up with all the latest edits and changes on the Recent Changes page where contributors communicate and you can see what we are working on.

You can also help by getting the word out. You can tell others about the site, email out copies of the book, make it available for download in new places, give print copies to friends or others, leave them in libraries, or quote material in new work.

Throughout the wiki, you may find some typos or sentences that are out of place. Some of our contributors may be using shoddy smart phones or ancient laptops with no spell check. Or they may have more enthusiasm than writing skill. If you see something like this, correct away!

Dark n Edgy

Sep 2014

About MbN

MbN stands for mutually beneficial network. Individuals in the DnE community, and sometimes groups within the DnE community, often work on projects, and this network is here to encourage and facilitate these projects. A “Project” can be defined as any goal someone or a group embarks on. It doesn’t necessarily have to produce something, it can also be a personal goal, like losing x amount of weight, or learning something by a certain date.

Examples include programming projects, writing a book or story, learning a new skill, improving ones fitness, and things of that nature. We do our best to try to provide necessary help to get someone to succeed at their goal, for example, providing hosting if possible, or encouragement, technical advice, or constructive criticism.

Dec 2014


DnE Blog The dankest, edgiest blog etc etc.

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2014 - DnE Year In Review.

by Absent

So, we have to put out a couple of more posts to meet our self-set post quota, and what better post on new years eve than a 2014 year-in-review post? The scope of this is basically to check out what this year brought to the site, like, what did we do? I’ll also touch on what we’re planning on doing. What do we have in the works? What’s on the agenda? Prior to this year, we were basically focusing on finding older members for the site. We were focused on retaining and getting members that we thought would be a good fit for the community since the sites inception, and 2013 continued this effort. Near the end of 2013, we started to get a little more ambitious, we wanted to branch out and start to build something more than a small obscure internet forum. We also figured we could probably make some money. From this came the idea of the secure DnE Email host…

Which, after lots of effort and patience, was (and is) functional, although most of the security features we were planning would, eventually, require us to sell the host to a third party in a country with better privacy standards than ours, so we essentially abandoned the notion of total-security in favor of “a useful and moderately secure email host”. Our Email Host efforts extended into the beginning of 2014, and we actually launched, if I recall correctly, the functioning beta version of the host sometime in February of 2014. You can find that right here (Although registration requires us to manually enter you for now, more on future plans for this below.)

We also upgraded from our previous hosting situation to a new and better host, so our downtime has been significantly reduced. On our first host we had a lot of problems, for example a major kernel panic due to some SAN issues. If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t had any downtime since we’ve gotten on our new host, at least, none that had lasted any extended period of time. I can’t, off of the top of my head, think of any instance in which we’ve been down yet. So that’s been very good. The cost has been well worth it, as far as I’m concerned.

Aside from hosting concerns, we also launched both the DnE Blog, and the MbN “platform”. MbN has, so far, mostly just been a concept that directs user projects. It’s not an integral part of DnE and often isn’t really a “platform” at all, just an idea we use to tie projects to the site and provide projects with a way to get their projects attention. This will probably change in the future and MbN will (hopefully) become more of a platform with more useful features.

The launch of the blog has, in contrast, become a pretty integral part of DnE. I suspect it’ll continue to grow and become a staple of what DnE is. We were basically discussing how we can provide more real content to drive more traffic to the site, outside of the forums. Basically we needed a better source of incoming members than word of mouth. We talked about setting up a wiki, and we actually did, although it’s mostly just for fun: DnE Wiki

Then Wes coined the idea of just starting a blog that worked as a publishing platform for users, which is what you’re reading now. Essentially any member of DnE can submit posts for vetting on the forums or via the submission form, and we’ll give suggestions and try to make them better, then once they are post-able, we post ‘em. We’re now setting goals for how many posts we make every year / month, and trying to become a more consistent content creator. That being said, we’re also looking to up the quality and perfect the back end.

Which essentially leads me to where we’re gonna take DnE in the future. The MbN and Blog back ends are essentially just werc with some minor modifications we made. We’re going to include even more modifications to our platform to make the blog easier to work with as far as editors / writers are concerned, and that’ll also benefit MbN. MbN will, hopefully, given the development work, become more of a platform for user projects.

Aside from the blog and MbN, uselessd was also launched on DnE’s domain. We’ve gotten quite a bit of attention from that, and it’s been an interesting year on DnE partially due to the popularity of uselessd. A few more big project launches are upcoming, as well, but I’m not gonna say anything about those until we’re ready for launch… As far as the email host is concerned, we’ve got a few things planned for that as well, like automatic registration via forums and such. So look forward to more from DnE, and here’s to another year of substantial growth… Feel free to comment or discuss if I missed anything or fudged some stuff.

Jan 2015 - A copy of the website goes up on Dark n Edgy

Steal This Wiki - Month One

by God

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” –Jesus, probably

One month ago today, we announced the revival of Steal This Wiki, the Yippie icon of rebellion and counterculture for the computer age. We’ve been working diligently to steal the old articles from a static archive, and between school, jobs, other projects, and the general stresses that accompany daily life in Amerika, we’re pleased to report that all the old articles that we managed to get a hold of have been moved over to the new Steal This Wiki. Now that the articles are up, we’ll be focusing our efforts on updating, cataloging, and vastly improving their contents. We continue to welcome contributors who wish to help edit, and spread the word. Any help - providing copies of missing articles, editing existing articles, creating new content, or otherwise assisting with Steal This wiki - is greatly appreciated.

Nov 2015


Free Software‎; . . (-30,398)‎ . . ‎Green1 (damn, I can't keep much of any of this. I mean, Linux and such has it's place but for just an article on free software, you do not need a paragraph on every single Linux distro out there.)

Table of Contents‎; . . (+26)‎ . . ‎Green1 (Free Software to be rewritten. Moved out of Fight>Computers into Survive>Assorted Freebies)

Hitchhiking‎; . . (-478)‎ . . ‎Green1 (The first paragraph is plagiarism from Crimethinc. It was originally on Crimethinc's wiki then adapted for their new book, Recipes for Disaster (2015). I am sure CT aren't anal. But I prefer original stuff.)

Free Money‎; . . (-18)‎ . . ‎Green1 (→‎Loose Change: Awkward paragraph.)

Jan 2016

DnE Year In Review.

by absent

On New Years 2014 into 2015, I wrote this post outlining our accomplishments of 2014 and laying out some preliminary plans for 2015. Well, here we are in 2016. This year was somewhat strange. We paradoxically experienced quite a bit of growth while simultaneously neglecting a good deal of our original goals we outlined. No doubt some significant portion of this can be attributed to the several articles V.R. has written and allowed us to publish.

This has not only aided us in terms of SEO and other similar metrics, but it has gotten us some new members. SEO and friends are nice, but we don’t advertise and thus SEO isn’t a huge concern. New high quality members, on the other hand, tend to be much better for us. Personally I’ve had a lot of fun reading and (trying to) edit these things, as well as monitoring subsequent discussions. It has also given us time to work on other projects without having to worry too much about growing membership or things of this nature.

Besides publishing these articles, we also launched and began renovating our stolen copy of Steal This Wiki. This has garnered some minimal attention and gained us a few members. We’re planning to do much more with STW in the future, as well. We spent a good deal of time this year making slight improvements and preparing it for a larger audience, although it still has a ways to go. We were lucky enough to have a new member join who was heavily involved in the original STW, and he has been active both in planning and improving the platform.

Less publicly, we have also been working on a few other MbN projects and tweaking some things internally. Some of our smaller accomplishments include future funding plans, subdividing MbN into “DnE Labs” and “DnE Productions” which is a preliminary move towards larger goals, as well as several significant contributions to MbN from individual members working on their own personal projects. These include several programming projects for educational purposes, an album (soon to be two albums), and we worked out plans for some larger community projects.

Looking forward, I’m hoping we can achieve some pretty ambitious goals over the next two years or so. This year was stressful and full for most of our members outside of DnE, which has limited our ability to invest a lot of energy and resources into the site. That being said, incremental improvements have still been made. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect anyone to work excessively on DnE, but nonetheless we are taking on several ambitious projects which will, time and opportunity permitting, come to fruition.

Some of the things we’re planing include:

  • Significant contributions towards dneBB

  • Several technical changes internally and to the site.

  • Re-Launching our email host on a new server.

  • Much more focus on STW

  • Improve DnE Productions publishing ability and technical capacity for DnE Labs.

And of course, much more. Here’s to a good 2016, happy new years, etc.

Oct 2016



In order to ensure quality and provide the most useful source of anti-authoritarian information possible, there are some general guidelines which every editor should follow. These are here to ensure that the information we are providing is actually accurate and reliable. The nature of this wiki is obviously that of subversion, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to ensure our information is accurate, up to date and well written. If the information presented on this wiki is incorrect or poorly written, readers will find it less useful, less compelling, and we won't be able to serve the purposes we want to serve.

Steal This Wiki Scope

Anyone can create new pages, but that doesn't necessarily mean any page should be created. The scope of STW is to provide a (nonpartisan) platform for anti-authoritarian information on a number of topics. While some information on the wiki may not be directly related to fighting authoritarian organizations, most of it does tie into a specific organizational structure which makes sense. If you're considering making a new page, and you're not sure whether it will fit in, please feel free to discuss it using the contact information or on talk pages. You should also consider looking at the Table of Contents to get a feel for how everything is organized, and where the page you want to make would fit into that structure.

This wiki is generally not aiming to be the repository of all knowledge, but if you want to write a page that doesn't fit within the anti-authoritarian scope that you still think makes sense, go for it. To ensure it won't be taken down, however, you should discuss it first with the community and decide whether it will serve as a positive addition to the scope and add useful information which users will find helpful. We want to avoid cluttering the wiki with unmaintained, unrelated information. Some topics may not be directly anti-authoritarian but still provide useful information that our readers will find relevant and useful that isn't easily accessible in this context from anywhere else. We welcome such additions.

Writing Guidelines

  • Clarity. It is generally a good idea to be clear and direct. Try to avoid ambiguous language, and try to say what you have to say in an efficient non-verbose manor.

  • Non-Partisan. We're also trying to steer away from the partisan language previously used and make this an anti-authoritarian wiki, not purely based on any one ideology. The idea here is to avoid partisan conflicts and targeting in order to focus on fighting authoritarianism, not fighting each other. Folks on both sides of the proverbial political fence may not agree on policy, but may still be able to agree that fighting authoritarian principles is good.

Nov 2021‎ - The site goes back up as a file share

Title: Steal This Wiki Mirror

Source: <rationalwiki.org/wiki/Forum:Steal_This_Wiki_removed%3F#Steal_This_Wiki_Mirror>

I have a copy of the site

Visit uneditable static copy:

St123: The above mirror has gone down, but several others have been created. Additionally, some of the content has been reuploaded to Fandom Wiki.

Links: https://steal-this.fandom.com/wiki/Steal_This_Wiki


I2P Link (I2P Client Required): http://tracker2.postman.i2p/index.php?view=TorrentDetail&id=61322

About, An Intro, & A Monologue

Time to tell you a little about the files and their history, and also maybe stroke my ego a few times. But hey, it’s a monologue, so you can’t stop me. You could just close the file, but then it’d bother you to the end of your days that you didn’t know what some stranger said.

In the 60’s the hippies were a thing, and Abbie Hoffman was a pretty notable figure in that movement. During his time in the movement he wrote the book “Steal This Book Today,” more or less a guide to being a radical hippy (radical as in fringe politics, not as in groovy), often referred to as Yippies (taken from the name Youth International Party and Hippies). As we all know, the hippies went from some new movement to that old guy with a beard smoking pot in his van after his Walmart shift, and the methods withing Hoffman’s book aged just the same with the changing technology of the coming decades.

In the mid 2000’s a group started up the Steal This Wiki site with the goal of rewriting the book for a modern world. It lasted until about 2013 when the project died out and the site went down. From what I found apparently at least one of the main collaborators has taken a long vacation to club fed after doing stupid things with the information of the project he was collaborating with. The rest of the group probably scattered when the govenment came knocking, lost interest, or grew up. At first a backup of the site was spread around and it persisted for a little while, but one by one copies dissipated and torrents went unseeded. At this time, the only thing that I could find was a sad incomplete copy of the wiki uploaded to Fandom wiki (I assume, like many of the big content sharing sites, they flip their shit at the idea of weapon and crime related information on their site). Luckily, archive.org still had a copy at the time of me writing this.

I’m neither a hippy nor a yippy and, it almost can go without saying, I don’t endorse many of the instructions and philosophies within this file. I work, as the Hoffman’s unique writing style puts it, for “CorpGov” and do my best to keep their systems online. Rest in peace (and prison) yippies, I can’t really say that I’ll miss you too much.

But I didn’t share this (solely) to trash on the yippies. I spent a lot of my teenage years checking out the “fringes” of the web, and read plenty of stuff like this, so I was honestly kinda disappointed to go looking for it again and realize that it seems to have been wiped from the web. I uploaded this for a couple of reasons: first, it’s an interesting read for sure. Additionally, with the way the world is going who knows if it will be useful for us to know how to dumpster dive and squat in abandon property. Finally, it’s certainly an interesting time capsule of the second wave of Yippies and how they tried unsuccessfully to revive the movement in the 21st century. This is all not to mention the fact that I also do not disagree with every bit of philosophy that these documents stand for, and I do believe that there is literary value within these documents.

All I did was grab copies of the wiki from archive.org and place them in a folder. I’ll throw it up on I2P, and IPFS and see if there’s some interest (I can’t register on Pirate Bay so I’ll leave the clear net torrenting to somebody else if they wanna get it going). If you want to help this project consider helping with the hosting process by seeding/hosting the content where you found it on the I2P or IPFS side of things. If you have money to spare then consider sending it to Doctors Without Boarders or your favorite charity, because I don’t need your money and sending it to a Yippie is probably not going to make the world a better place.

This whole set of documents is Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2, so no worries about copyright if you participate in hosting or decide to spread it around.

2022-2024 - Investors squat the old domain address

Someone registered the old website domain in 2022 on namecheap, but as of Jan 2024, the website is still blank.

An email was sent to the domain owner and a brokerage company replied to try and sell the website for $4,490. The financial arithmetic they used for acquiring the domain was that it had a 'domain ranking of 35', 2,300 backlinks and lots of previous traffic.

However, what is not considered is this traffic and website development was driven by a volunteer run project. But, perhaps they can convince some other investors to buy the domain based on the same faulty arithmetic.


Fifth Phase (2023)

The project was born again with the help of amusewiki software and a file hosting project run by the owner of anarchistlibraries.net.

We have also added a library section in order to for example archive books analysing this projects yippie anarchist roots.