Title: Use of the Flag
Notes: Last updated: 18 February 2011

A flag is an ancient symbol of power used in identifying groups and nations. If enough people use it or attach identity to it, the flag can be a source of solidarity. Those who manage to design a flag that gets particularly powerful can get a footnote in history like Betty Ross.

The Red Star with Pot Leaf that emblazons the top left hand corner of the wiki is a tribute to those that came before us. Of course, feel free to wear, hoist, print off, put as computer wall paper, or not care about any flag you please. Just remember one flag's worshipers may have been brainwashed to dislike worshipers of other flags.

If you really, really want to use the symbol of generation old flag that some Yippies used and made lunch money off of here it is:

The Yippie flag:


Flags of the World - Youth International Party flag listing (http://www.fotw.net/flags/us%7Dyip.html)

Abbie Hoffman on the Yippie Flag from 1970

The generally agreed upon flag of our nation is black with a red, five pointed star behind a green marijuana leaf in the center. It is used by groups that understand the correct use of culture and symbolism in a revolutionary struggle.

When displayed, it immediately increases the feelings of solidarity between our brothers and sisters. High school kids have had great fights over which flag to salute in school. A sign of any liberated zone is the flag being flown. Rock concerts and festivals have their generally apolitical character instantly changed when the flag is displayed. The political theoreticians who do not recognize the flag and the importance of the culture it represents are ostriches who are ignorant of basic human nature. Throughout history people have fought for religion, life-style, land, a flag (nation), because they were ordered to, for fortune, because they were attacked or for the hell of it. If you don't think the flag is important, ask the hardhats.