If this project had a novelty bookshop cafe where you could see wiki users discussing how best to write new wiki pages and archivists typing away, digitizing old badly scanned books, what do you think the visitor's guestbook would look like? And what note would you leave? E.g. After a day of reading and sipping sugarcane juice on a balcony looking over the Mekong river.

Feel free to click the little 'writer's pen' symbol to add to this page with your own note about your experience with using the website.

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Hey all. I just got suggested this from the squat the planet discord and omg I can't believe I never knew about stealthiswiki. I found Abbie Hoffman's book at a young age and I thought it was amazing albeit a bit outdated and stealthiswiki Is like a wish come true for me.

I think its a great thing y'all are doing and I definitely plan to help out any way I'm able. Ever since I was a little.kid I grew up off and on homeless. And I'm not gonna go as Far to say the book saved my life as I had a lot more privilege then other kids in my situation. It definitely helped out a ton and made it alot better and easier for me.

Transition Tactics

Another wiki-style website with many practical articles. Similar to Appropedia.


This website has a lot of tips on free food. It is a little outdated as it hasn't been updated since like 2014, but it's a good resource in tough times.


This site I found has basic information on how to survive in urban environments. Also Vital Source library has good books pertaining to field medicine, field craft, and S.E.R.E


Just when we needed it most. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing, loved the book. Amazing that people continue this legacy, making it possible to live in counter-culture for everyone with the intent to do so.

Mitten im Klang

Hi! I'm just wondering why google mail/hotmail/Yahoo Mail were recommended in the document? I think this part should be updated in some ways. Thank for you creating the document though. It's really a GEM!


Looks very nice, but needs an onion site.


Thanks for all your hard work! :)


That's awesome; I'll have to check it out later.


Oh hell yeah!!!


Awesome, thanks!


This is awesome!!!! Thank you!