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People’s Chemistry

Argument for deleting: The original chapter in Steal This Book contained some instructions that were as harmless as ‘how to make stink bombs’. We don’t see any risk in hosting this book as it’s been published and has a fair bit of historical interest. But, the chapter was updated extensively for the wiki and so, we’d rather just let the people who want to find this kind of information find it on their own. That way we’re not needlessly risking anyone drawing the attention of law enforcement for viewing this website. Because one important goal is for the website and print out PDFs to be useful guides for surviving living a low yearly income existence.

Counter argument: Similar guides exist on other anarchist libraries with no consequence.

Censored Texts

Steal This Wiki Complete PDF – 2011 Version – Chapter on “People’s Chemistry”

Same arguments as above.

Controversially Accepted Texts

No controversially accepted texts yet!

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