Rejected Texts

People’s Chemistry, DIY Defense, Knife Fighting & Molotov Cocktail

Argument for deleting: The original chapter in Steal This Book contained some instructions that were as harmless as ‘how to make stink bombs’. We don’t see any risk in hosting this book as it’s been published and has a fair bit of historical interest. But, the chapter was updated extensively for the wiki and so, we’d rather just let the people who want to find this kind of information find it on their own. That way we’re not needlessly risking anyone drawing the attention of law enforcement for viewing this website. Because one important goal is for the website and print out PDFs to be useful guides for surviving living a low yearly income existence. Some of the pages like DIY Defence could be rewritten and published, but as they stand on we don't think they're worth the risk archiving.

Counter argument: Similar guides exist on other anarchist libraries with no known consequence.

Censored Texts

Steal This Book (2nd Edition & 3rd Editions)

Same arguments as above.

Controversially Accepted Texts

Hunting, Fishing & Farm It

Argument for deleting: People finding this obscure text on the internet likely aren't destitute people who need to hunt to meet their calorie/nutritional needs.

Counter argument: We don't think it's so unlikely to happen that it's worth taking that risk of deleting. Plus, the text has historical interest to those wanting to read how the original book has been developed on for the wiki.

The pages could do with having some ethical warnings added, such as mentioning the potentially very cruel outcomes when using hunting methods like bow-hunting.

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